Xpress-pay Surveys Its Clients on Offering the Visa Installment Plan During Checkout

Here's what their clients thought, and the survey results show over 86% favorability rate.

  1. If the customer defaults on their payment agreement, is the responsibility on VISA to collect? – Will we still keep full payment?
  2. (An insurance agent): The installment option is “hot” at the moment and I expect it will get hotter. How would you replace the annual premium for installments which is the largest untapped mkt. You would be getting into the finance business. Cancellations, etc.? How would they work?
  3. Would it also work for prepayment for surgeries? I assume you would charge a fee to patient to make money. I am fine with that because we have to do payment plans that we are not getting paid for currently. I would prefer to offer them your plan and you could keep track of it.
  4. I would want to know the terms of the installment plan being offered to make sure it was a good financing option for my customer.
  5. Will the program work for an active customer that will have ongoing invoices due?
  6. Will I get my full payment without offset or delay?
  7. How are chargebacks handled?
  8. What additional efforts required by our staff?