Your Digital Wallet for the 21st Century!

Paying anywhere has just gotten easier with your new digital wallet. No more worrying where your old bulky wallet is. Xpress-pay Mobile turns your phone into a secure, digital wallet to pay any participating merchant.


Welcome to the future of how you can pay for things, quickly and securely. If you have multiple devices, no problem. You can create a secure account on any iPhone, Android, and Windows device!

Paying Made Easier

Whenever you see the Xpress-pay logo at participating merchants, you can now pay using your smartphone! There's no app to download. Just Launch, Pay, & Go. You can also create an account to securely store your payment credentials.

Trusted Security

We take security very seriously. That's why any sensitive information you put into your Xpress-pay wallet is secured with the same PCI-DSS Level 1 encryption offered by major banks. Pay with peace of mind.

Use Any Device

Unlike other mobile wallets, Xpress-pay Mobile runs right in your web browser, making it more secure than an app you'd download. It also means you can set up a wallet on any of your Android, Windows, and Apple devices.

Pay Anywhere

You can use your Xpress-pay wallet to pay all types of bills. Everything from restaurant tabs, to utility bills, and in-app purchases. The power to pay at your fingertips.

How It Works


To begin, simply scan the QR code, or tap the hyperlink provided with your bill to launch the program. 


Next, follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your amount, enter a payment method, and complete your transaction. 



Finally, your receipt will be provided both onscreen and by email. That’s it! We’ll notify the merchant you paid. 

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See it in Action


Download Our Free QR Code Scanner!

Don't have a QR code scanner? While you can use any app to scan our QR codes, we've developed ours to offer you an added layer of security that verifies the code you are scanning was provided by us.

Accept Xpress-Pay Mobile In Your Business

Do you own a business, and want to offer your customers the convenience of paying with their smartphone? Enroll today, and discover all the benefits of accepting mobile payments!