The material below was designed to assist you with getting the most out of your account.

Setting Up Your Account

Instant Payments

Instant payments are the fastest way to begin accepting payments with Xpress-pay. Just tell us what information you want to collect with each payment, and you're done!

Bill Presentment

Upload a billing file, define the search terms, customers find and pay their specific bills, and you can download a payment history file any time. Rely on payment accuracy.

Integrated Option

Secure Payment Portal

Seamlessly integrate secure payments into your online customer portal solution for a clean, professional look. 

Run reports anywhere

Automated Reporting

With a simple FTP connection, you can automate your reporting and outstanding bill presentation management. Get started below.

XPI Gateway Connection

For those who are just looking to leverage Xpress-pay's powerful gateway technology, connecting to our gateway is simple and convenient. Here's how to get started.

Xpress-pay Restaurant Check

POS Integrations

When you're ready to connect your POS to offer a secure, mobile payment solution we have everything you need. Use the API instructions below, and you should be running your first test payment in a matter of hours.

Accessing Your Gateway

Proud Xpress-pay Reseller


Log in, find transactions, reverse or rescind transactions, and more inside your gateway. Contact us for assistance, or reach their support at: (877) 447-3938.

Proud Xpress-pay Reseller


As a full platform, TSYS offers numerous tools for handling your transactions easier. Download the PDF for more, or contact them directly at: (706) 649-2310.

Proud Xpress-pay Reseller

Payments Gateway.net

eChecks have their own unique features and benefits. Get all the assistance you need by contacting us, or Forte directly at: (800) 337-3060.

Proud Xpress-pay Reseller


Log in, run reports, reverse or rescind payments, and so much more with your ProfitStar gateway. For more information please download the PDF below, or contact them at directly at:. (972) 359-5500.

Get Direct Support

Contact our support team directly for one-on-one help.