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Setting Up Your Account

Web Resources

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Get started accepting payments, and access more content by visiting our Merchant Resources Page now. Be sure to download the Xpress-pay it! button, and place it on your website, too.

Training Guide

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Once you're running, use this handy reference guide to master all the tools and features available in your administrative menu. Feel free to contact us anytime to answer any questions!

Quickbooks online Connect

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Connect your QuickBooks Online account with Xpress-pay for the ultimate billing and payment solution. Download the guide now to get started. 


Instant Payments

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Instant payments are the fastest way to begin accepting payments with Xpress-pay. Just tell us what information you want to collect with each payment, and you're done!

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Information Exchange & FTP

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Use our menus or FTP/sFTP to upload a billing file, send click-to-pay emails, and allow online payments. Also, produce a report or download a file at any time. Simple, comprehensive functionality.

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Initiation/Completion Options

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Seamlessly integrate secure payments into your website for a clean, professional look. Afterwards, we’ll display and email a receipt and optionally, advise your site of payment in real-time.

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Bookmarking Payment Pages

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The link you see in your browser’s address bar when making a payment is not the same as the link that initiates the payment. The original link is masked for security purposes. This PDF provides the instructions for bookmarking your payment page:

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PCI Security & Compliance

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We all share the responsibility of securing consumer information. Before engaging any ePayment services, make sure to verify PCI DSS Level One Compliance by obtaining their Attestation of Compliance as we have made available here.

View Our Attestation of Compliance 

Prioritizing PCI Compliance

TPSP Questionnaire

Browser Support

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We've recently enhanced our security measures from the vulnerable SSL encryption protocol to the more secure TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol. While this increases security, it also means Xpress-pay may not load or function on older web browsers. Find out if your browser is supported...

Supported Browsers

POS Integrations

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When you're ready to connect your POS to offer a secure, mobile payment solution, we have everything you need. Contact us now to discuss!

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Global aXcess

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Connect your Xpress-pay account to virtually any other online portal in the world, and to securely move data between each either system instantly, 24/7.

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Other Training Guides

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Log in, find transactions, reverse or rescind transactions, and more inside your gateway. Contact us for assistance, or reach their support at: (877) 447-3938.

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TSYS Merchant Solutions

As a full platform, TSYS offers numerous tools to make handling your transactions easier. Download the PDF for more, or contact them directly at: 800-552-8227.

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Forte Logo

eChecks have their own unique features and benefits. Get all the assistance you need by contacting us, or Forte directly at: (800) 337-3060.

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Profit Stars Logo

Log in, run reports, reverse or rescind payments, and so much more with your ProfitStar gateway. For more information please download the PDF below, or contact them at directly at:. (972) 359-5500.

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Worldpay Logo

Our newest processing partner, we're proud to be working with Worldpay to expand our processing capabilities. Find out more about all this connection offers, and how to manage your account.

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Converge Logo

Use this helpful guide to process refunds, voids, review declined payments, view batch settlements, and more. It'll save you time and effort. Your can also visit the Converge website for more information.

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Get Direct Support (607-753-6156)

Purchase A Swipe Reader

Credit Card Device

This handy device makes accepting credit card payments in your office even easier. Simply plug it into the USB slot of your laptop or PC, swipe the card when you're on the checkout screen, and fill in the zip code and CSV from the card. That's it!

How-to use Swipe Reader: When your device arrives, plug it into any USB port on your Windows PC. While on the checkout screen, swipe the card as soon as you land on the page.. If the swipe fails, press F5, then swipe again.