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Accept Credit Cards Without the Costs

Gain Access to the Secret Tool Business Insiders Have Been Using Since 2005 to Grow Their Bottom Lines and Enhance Their Customers' Experience.


By accepting all your online and mobile payments through Xpress-pay, you'll gain access to our Site Fee Program. This exclusive solution helps eliminate your security, infrastructure, and  transaction costs all in one. 

What makes this program unique is the proprietary mechanisms we use to eliminate your costs. In short though, whatever you bill your customers, you receive 100% of it and keep it. Pretty great, right?!

Beginning with your very first transaction, you'll see the benefits of this program start to add up. Enroll now to join the thousands of others putting millions of dollars back onto their bottom lines. It takes only minutes!

Site Fee Program not valid for donations. Click here for more information.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

You pay...

$99 to enroll

$10  per month

Customers pay...

2.85% + $0.40

per transaction


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Xpress-pay is so flexible that we can combine numerous features to create a payment powerhouse for your organization. No matter what type of transactions you're looking to accept, we'll leverage our massive toolbox to make getting paid faster, easier, and more convenient for you and your customers.

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Billing just got a whole lot easier. With just an email address, you can instantly send a click-to-pay invoice in seconds! Need to send more than one invoice? Simply upload a spreadsheet with the name, email, and amount each customer owes, and we’ll do the rest.

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Our xFrame integration allows you to directly embed Xpress-pay into your website to accept secure ePayments. Enjoy all the same features and functionality offered by our traditional payment platform. This means, no more redirecting your customers away from your site to pay, and so much more!

Ready to Grow Your Bottom Line Faster?

Customers Love Xpress-pay

                I am very pleased with Xpress-pay. We have been accepting credit card payments online for over [a decade] now, with virtually no concerns. It is not only user-friendly for our customers but our staff as well. I would recommend this software to anyone considering accepting electronic payments as an alternative payment option."

Joyce Jezewski

Village of East Aurora, NY

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