Secure or Not Secure: Websites (Part 1, An Overview) (Video Interview)

Secure or Not Secure: Websites (Part 1, an Overview) (Video Interview)

Is this website safe?  It’s hard to imagine a broader question because that largely depends on security factors relating not only to the website itself, but also your connection to the internet, the devices you or your employees use, the network those devices are on, and the habits and practices of others using the devices and networks.  Join Melissa Rogozinski as she interviews J. Paul Zimmerman, Esq. about how to determine if websites are secure or not secure.

Our guest is Paul Zimmerman, Esq. Paul is a partner at Christian & Small, LLP, a mid-size law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. He is an eDiscovery and cybersecurity legal expert, a member of The Sedona Conference Working Group 1 (Electronic Document Retention and Production) and Working Group 11 (Data Security and Privacy Liability), and serves on the law firm’s Technology Committee.

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