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The Secret to Growing Your Profits? 
Fresh Technology

You don't have to increase your portion sizes and prices to see your bottom line grow for your restaurant. Leverage the speed and convenience Xpress-pay to turn tables faster, and start seeing your profits grow.

Why you’ll love Our Solution

Whether you own a fine dining establishment, fast casual, or both, Xpress-pay provides you with the fastest way for your customers to tip, pay, and leave as soon as they're ready! That's because you put the customer in the driver's by giving them the ability to pay with their phone as soon as the bill arrives. There's no expensive hardware to buy or handle, and the system integrates with your POS to keep everything running smoothly.

Elegant Ambiance

Xpress-pay gives your establishment a new height of elegant ambiance. Mainly because you greater control to patrons in regards to the experience they have at the end of their meal.  

When you're staff is in the middle of a busy service, give them and your customers a better experience by allowing anyone to check out in seconds using their own smartphone. 

Our Signature Options

Because Xpress-pay integrates directly with your POS, there's no additional merchant account to pay for, no additional accounts to settle, and no new reports to run. Just turn the service on, inform your staff their customers can now pay with their phone, and enjoy the uptick in the number of customers you can accommodate with every service. It's simple, secure, and a game-changer for your restaurant.

The Menu

For a brief overview on how this system works for you, download our infographic, or use the arrows to follow the interactive presentation below.

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

…We pride ourselves on providing innovative service, and Xpress-pay gives our customers an option they value. Xpress-pay provides our patrons with an immediate payment experience with just one trip to the table, and chargebacks are not an issue.

Sam Ehrenreich

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