Congratulations & Welcome
to the Xpress‑pay Family!

Now that you’re up and running, here are some resources to help you get the most from Xpress-pay. If you ever need anything else, please contact us directly, or reach out to your Account Executive anytime.

STEP #1: Add a button to your website...

To ensure your customers know they'll be using Xpress‑pay to pay you, use one of these buttons along with the custom hyperlink you received during training.

You can also use one of the combinations of card and eCheck logos to further drive adoption. Place them next to the payment button for the best results.

STEP #2: Let your customers know...

Now that you're running, let's make sure the whole world knows it. Well, at the very least let's let your customers know. Feel free to download the template as a guide, or contact us for more assistance. Another powerful tool for letting your customers know they can Xpress-pay their bill is to place a notice on your bills next to the bottom line they owe. Feel free to contact us for more best practices in telling the world. We're happy to help.

STEP #3: Show people how it works...

Here is a simple video you can send to your customers as well, about how they can use the system to pay in seconds from any device. Don't forget to remind them that they can also create a secure account to make future transactions even easier!

Here's the raw YouTube link as well:

STEP #4: Refer a friend...

Finally, if there's anyone else you know that could benefit from using this simple, flexible, and convenient ePayment solution, please refer them our way. We'd love to provide them with the same great experience you've had.

Want More?​​​​


Take the guess work out of paying by emailing your customers a copy of their bill to view and pay, instantly.


Help customers avoid late & missed payments by allowing them to automate their regular payments and subscriptions.


Work with our integration team to create a seamless, real-time connection with your systems.


Let your customers pay their bill over the phone with our automated telephone system. It's even bilingual.


eChecks offer an even more cost-effective way of accepting ePayments. Get started today!