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Elevate Your Insured's Payment Experience, Bind Policies Faster, & Reduce Lapses Starting Today!

Worldpay & Xpress-pay have teamed up to provide you Xpress-pay's highly customizable digital wallet solution. By combining features like the ability to pay on any device, save their account information, and establish auto-recurring payments, this unique payment system delivers unparalleled benefits for you and your insureds. 

Say Hello To Your Future

Integrated Option

Improve Customer Retention

Offering your insureds a digital wallet payment option gives them the greatest freedom in how and when they can pay you, which translates into a better all around experience for them, and better customer retention rates for you.

Faster Policies Abound

Tired of waiting for your customers to mail a check, or fire up their PC to bind their policy? Then give them the ability to bind it the minute their policy is approved by emailing or texting them a link to pay instantly.

One Account, All Devices

11th Hour Payments Mastered

Whether your insureds chronically pay late, or just happen to forget one month, we can help. Xpress-pay helps you reduce policy lapses by giving insureds the ability to find and pay their bill, even at the last minute.

Run reports anywhere

Increased Revenues

Xpress-pay also offers you a proven path to increase revenues with our Site Fee Program. With the flexibility to set up the campaign differently for your personal lines versus commercial lines customers, it'll have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Integrated Option

3rd Party Integrations

We're here to make your life easier so you can concentrate on growing your business. For that, we'll work with your in-house or other 3rd party providers to integrate our billing and payment solution into theirs to ensure a simple and smooth operation from day one.

What Customers Are Saying

...I wanted to share with you some brief congratulatory remarks on your [ePayment] services. Xpress-pay has, at both the front and back office levels, exponentially expanded our client payment options, and I urge you to continue the great work.

Tony, Pro Premium Finance

...I just wanted to thank you for all your excellent extra help when I had a problem making a payment. I really appreciate you staying after hours just to help me, your attitude was great, and your customer service was awesome. Thank you again!

Benjamin, Marconi Insurance
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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