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High Growth, Low Risk

We'll show you how to successfully connect with merchants in high grossing, low risk verticals. For example, insurance & utilities who we see have a $380 average ticket, and chargeback rates as low as 0.02%.

Compensation Plans

As a direct reseller, you'll earn money through our Compensated Reseller Program. If you're an agent of an existing ISO partner, your compensation will depend on their arrangement, while we assist you in expanding your processing landscape.

Portfolio Stability

Along with low chargeback rates, you'll also realize the numerous benefits offered by a drastic reduction in your merchant attrition. Ours is under 2% annually, or 90% below the industry average.

Plus, Gain Access To Our:

Reward merchants for choosing you...

Merchant Rewards Program

We took the standard "consumer" rewards program and spun it on its head to create our Merchant Rewards Program, so you can reward clients for choosing you as their processor. They'll earn an unlimited 1% Cash Back on all Xpress-pay transactions, and you'll earn their business for life.

Our Best Seller, Your New Cash Cow!

Site Fee Program

Many emerging market merchants, even large ones, run on razor thin margins. Traditionally, that meant payment professionals like you couldn't write their business, because of the high transaction fees.

Not anymore! Provide them with our Site Fee Program and you'll enable them to offset most, if not all, of their transaction fees. You'll soon see the power this program offers you and your merchants, and why it's our best seller by far. 

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What Our Resellers Are Saying:

…Great catch!!!!! I am talking about Systems East and This will be a wonderful addition to our services, and put us ahead of the competition. In fact, not even in the same ballpark.

- George Nordhaus (President, Agencies Online)

More Solutions That Give You The Edge:

Forget selling terminals...

Bill Presentment & Payment

Provide your merchants with our extremely flexible, secure, and cloud-based bill presentment and payment suite and they'll stay loyal almost indefinitely. Especially when it's coupled with our world-class support, provided on your behalf.

One connection, numerous clients...

3rd Party Integrations

You'll also be able to connect with more advanced merchants and 3rd party software developers who want to add a seamless payment option. Our Secure Payment Portal (SPP) can tie directly into most online systems to provide them with:

  • A seamless payment experience for customers that speeds adoption and increases transactions.
  • One payment solution for every client using their system, which also helps increase adoption.

Welcome to the Revolution...

Mobile Wallet Solution

Congratulations! You are now reselling the simplest, yet most powerful mobile wallet available. Catapult yourself into the mobile age by getting this in the hands of your clients. It supports payments via text/SMS, QR code, email, hyperlink, and in-app, meaning there's virtually no limit to how you can apply it to capture transactions.

Speed, Simplicity, & Security...

Point of Sale Integrations

Now you can turn any POS system into a mobile payment powerhouse with one simple integration to our mobile API. Once  connected, you'll be able to allow any business to start accepting secure mobile payments in minutes.

Where to Apply These Solutions

Here is a list of industries we're already successful in, and you will be too. Select one you'd like to target first, and we'll help you develop a strategy based on our experiences to help ensure your success.





Premium Finance


Property Management




Pest Control







Labor Unions



Bill printing


Sales & Appraisals



Warranty Services

We're always adding more, so contact us if you don't see yours.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

… I wanted to share with you some brief congratulatory remarks on your services. Xpress-pay has, at both the front and back office levels, exponentially expanded our client payment options, and I urge you to continue the great work.

- Tony Perez, Pro Premium Finance

…Everything is working very well in the Finance department, and our Clerk’s office has been quite happy with the public’s response to such things as certified copies now being available via an e-request, and online payments through Xpress-pay. Moreover, I think it’s quite clear from the City’s experience, people are looking for, and are now expecting, the availability and convenience of eCommerce, and are willing to pay a reasonable premium for this service.

- James Manning, Rutland, Vermont

… I can’t believe how easy this was…I am very happy with how everything is working so far. Thank you again for all your help, and being able to provide such a smooth transition.

- Crystal Terrell, Broome Co-op Insurance

What You’ll Get...

We'll provide you with the training, material, and support needed to help ensure your success with our entire suite of products. Get started today!

From industry-specific landing pages, to email campaigns, and scripted webinars, we'll help you develop an approach that works for you.

Contact us today to discuss the verticals you want to conquer, and we'll show you how to speak their "language" to really connect with them.

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