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SubscripXion Plan

We've taken the typical pay-per-transaction costs merchants have been burdened with for years and thrown them away with our exclusive SubscripXion Plan from Xpress-pay. This revolutionary online payment processing service allows your clients to pay just one low monthly fee to process unlimited online and mobile payments for FREE! Connect with us today to learn how you can leverage this amazing program and earn more money than you ever thought possible.

How low of a fee? Just $10. Forget racing to the bottom to save your clients money, while earning less. Put more money back in both your pockets starting today by becoming an Xpress-pay Partner.


Bill Presentment & Payment

Provide your merchants with our extremely flexible, secure, and cloud-based bill presentment and payment suite and they'll stay loyal almost indefinitely. Especially when it's coupled with our world-class support, provided on your behalf.

A Universal Digital Wallet

Congratulations! You are now reselling the simplest, yet most powerful mobile wallet available. Catapult yourself into the mobile age by getting this in the hands of your clients. It supports payments via text/SMS, QR code, email, hyperlink, and in-app, meaning there's virtually no limit to how you can apply it to capture transactions.

Point of Sale Integrations

Now you can turn any POS system into a mobile payment powerhouse with one simple integration to our mobile API. Once connected, you'll be able to allow any business to start accepting secure mobile payments in minutes.

3rd Party Integrations

You'll also be able to connect with more advanced merchants and 3rd party software developers who want to add a seamless payment option. Our Secure Payment Portal (SPP) can tie directly into most online systems to provide them with:

  • A seamless payment experience for customers that speeds adoption and increases transactions.
  • One payment solution for every client using their system, which also helps increase adoption.

Who you can sell this to

Here is a list of industries we're already successful in, and you will be too. Select one you'd like to target first, and we'll help you develop a strategy based on our experiences to help ensure your success.

  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Premium Finance
  • Property Management
  • Moving/Storage
  • Pest Control
  • Medical/Dental
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Bill printing
  • Sales & Appraisals
  • Communications
  • Government
  • Towing
  • Education
  • Restaurant/Hospitality
  • Plumbing/Electrical
  • Security/Fire
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Political
  • Labor Unions
  • Non-profit
  • Religious
  • Accounting
  • Warranty Services

We're adding more all the time, so contact us for more.

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Property Management




All Others...

You'll Also Enjoy

High Growth, Low Risk

We'll show you how to successfully connect with merchants in high grossing, low risk verticals. For example, insurance & utilities who we see have a $380 average ticket, and chargeback rates as low as 0.02%.

Compensation Plans

As a direct reseller, you'll earn money through our Compensated Reseller Program. If you're an agent of an existing ISO partner, your compensation will depend on their arrangement, while we assist you in expanding your processing landscape.

Portfolio Stability

Along with low chargeback rates, you'll also enjoy greater stability in your book of business from a drastic reduction in merchant attrition. We retain over 98% of our clients year-over-year, and you can too by partnering with us today. Contact us now to get started.

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