POS Integrations

Imagine being able to tell your clients you have a solution that can allow patrons to pay their checks with a pay-at-the-table option instantly and at a distance.

The Future Starts Today

Here are some of the many benefits you'll enjoy with Xpress-pay, while giving your insureds a better all around experience.

The Future Starts Today

Moving forward, diners are demanding that they be able to use their own devices to put in orders and pay their check, rather than using traditional methods or public devices.

Your POS needs an update, one that accelerates payments, reduces staff involvement, and protects patrons. Imagine being able to deliver a solution that allows visitors to use their own smartphones and also allows restaurants to turn tables more quickly. That translates directly into convenience, loyalty, and higher profits.

Even better, you'll also be able to offer them an easy and secure digital wallet option that patrons can use at any establishment which uses your system.



Adapt To The New Norm

For years, offering a robust pay-at-the-table solution has eluded POS developers and restaurants alike, and it is now even more important. Even the largest POS companies have failed to deliver a viable option. Since 2005, Xpress-pay has delivered powerful, game-changing ePayment solutions that work. We released our first pay-at-the-table solution in 2011, and it's proven to be the most reliable path to success to date.

As a payment network, once someone creates an Xpress-pay account, it can be used to pay any participating merchant using our digital wallet feature.

Now, you can leverage this proven technology to elevate the status of your POS system, while growing and solidifying your client base, while also adapting to the new norm. Read on for more, then apply to see if your system qualifies for a spot in our POS Partner Program.

All The Right Connections

We didn't want to just deliver a solution that worked, but one that was simple to set up and reliable from day one. That's why we removed all of the traditional obstacles that faced earlier pay-at-the-table offerings.

With just two simple API calls, we secure the entire checkout process, meaning customers can tip, pay, and leave in seconds.

Taking this simple approach helps guarantee a steady, consistent, and reliable experience for both restaurants and consumers. It also means your POS will look better with every transaction.

Enjoy All Of This & More

With Xpress-pay, you'll also enjoy countless other features and benefits to help grow your business, including:

  • New Ongoing Revenue Opportunities
  • Greater Client Retention
  • Simple Integration Process
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Directly Addresses Public Concerns
  • Joint Sales & Marketing Efforts
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • A New Way Forward...

See It In Action

Powerful Yet Simple...

The restaurant’s staff delivers the check and your guest simply scans the code, adjusts their tip, and completes their payment in seconds. The POS is instantly notified and the check is closed.

Give it a try right now! Just click the check, or scan the QR code.


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