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Congratulations, Your Payment Was Received

We're so excited to begin this journey with you. Next, let's start getting your account set up in 4 easy steps...

Step #1 - Grab A Copy Of...

  • Your current drivers license.
  • A voided check from the account you want payments deposited into.

We're required by law to use these when confirming your identity and setting up the account to receive payments.

Step #2 - Start Your Application...

Next, use our secure online enrollment portal to provide some more details about you and your business.

We'll use this to get your merchant account application filled out, then email it to you to review and sign.


Step #3 - Check Your Inbox...


After you've completed the online enrollment, be sure to watch your inbox for an email from Secure Bancard

Secure Bancard is the service provider that will establish your mechant account, and process your credit card payments.

Step #4 - Get Your Site Ready...

While we're working on getting your merchant account approved, start getting your website ready to take payments.

We've compiled the best resources for you to update your website, and inform customers this service is coming soon.