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Accept Visa MasterCard Discover American Express & eChecks at Xpress-pay

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Features & Options

Get the most out of your account possible by adding these powerful tools. The time and money you'll save will have you asking why we don't charge more for them.

Basic Package

This provides you with all the tools you need to begin accepting ePayments quickly. Enjoy the ability to accept Instant Payments, use your own custom branding, access detailed reports, and more with your account.


eBill Presentation

Add the ability to upload bills into your account so customers can find and pay the correct amount every time. This feature also allows you to email the bill to your customer so they can pay it even faster.


Recurring Payments

Do you have a subscription business model, or want to take the guess work out of if/when a customer will pay? Give them the ability to set up an auto-recurring payment, and everyone wins.


3rd Party Integrations

Add a secure ePayment option to virtually any existing customer portal or 3rd party software solution. We’ll work with your provider to create a seamless, real-time connection to make paying simple and convenient. 


Telephone Payments

If you know you have customers that would be more likely to pay over the telephone, offer them our IVR solution. It’s easy to set up, and offers a more traditional payment option for customers.


Accept eChecks

Add the ability to accept electronic check (ACH) payments for only a few more dollars per month. It’s a more cost-effective way for your customers to pay, and funds are deposited into your account in 2 business days.


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Site Fees

Turn on the Site Fee capabilities of your account to reduce or completely eliminate the typical transaction costs associated with accepting ePayments.

Credit Cards

Here is what your customer will pay when using their credit card to complete a transaction.*

2.85% + $0.40

Visa MasterCard Discover & American Express (Amex) accepted at Xpress-pay


Here is what your customer will pay when they use a valid checking or savings account to complete a transaction.*


Accept eChecks with Xpress-pay

Merchant Rewards

Opt for the Merchant Rewards Program and you'll earn up to 2% back for accepting your credit card and eCheck payments through Xpress-pay!

ePayment Rewards

Your customers pay an additional fee during checkout; and you receive 50% or more as commission.*

2% (In Cash Rewards)

Accept Visa MasterCard Discover American Express & eChecks at Xpress-pay

*Quoted prices only valid when your merchant account is provided by one our of our preferred partners.

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We're so confident you'll love what we have to offer we'll give you a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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