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Xpress-pay Working On Amazing Update To Streamline Digital Bill Payment Capabilities

Xpress-pay newsletter announcement

xFiles, Streamline your business with the Official Newsletter of Xpress-pay: Digital Bill Payments Get A Massive Boost, Customer Success Program.

In This Issue

Section 1: Digital Commerce Continues Marching Forward

Section 2: New Updates From Xpress-pay; Customer Success Program

Section 3: A Word From Our Clients

Section 4: The Winner Is

Section 5: Coming Up Next Month

What’s New In The World?

Digital Payments of all kind are on the rise, as much as 21.4% compared to pre-pandemic measures from one study. This means businesses that adopt this growing technology are poised for continued growth for years to come. Of course, enabling your business to simply accept a digital payment is not always enough to make a real difference. It’s imperative to get the Customer Experience (CX) correct to entice current and future customers to continue doing business with you.

How important is the CX? A recent consumer survey revealed that one of the main reasons people don’t pay their bills on-time is the online paying experience was “too difficult”. Imagine a customer being do frustrated by their payment experience they decide it’s better to risk paying a late fee, or not at all than continue on? In the electronic transaction industry we call that “payment friction”. Like an Olympic downhill skier, the goal should always be to get to the finish line quickly, without friction.

But, as a business owner, how can you manage this effectively, while still leaving ample time to continue working on the business? Let’s find out…

streamline your customer satisfaction

Two Updates From Xpress-pay?

A “Behind The Scenes” Overhaul

For the last 14 months, we have been quietly working behind the scenes on expanding what Xpress-pay can do for our clients. While we still can’t release the full details of what these amazing updates will do for you, we can say it can have a significant impact on the way your business will interact and transact with customers for years to come.

In fact, one of the most important components of this update will include the expansion of the number of tools available within everyone’s Xpress-pay Dashboard.

Imagine being able to transact instantly with customers exactly when they’re ready to buy from you. What if you could run your business more efficiently, and secure a stronger cashflow without working more?

We’re working on delivering ways that help Xpress-pay accommodate our client’s needs today. We’ve been proudly serving our Xpress-pay clients since 2005, and look forward to many more amazing years serving you.

In fact, we’re so committed to seeing you, our clients succeed, we’ve launched an entirely new division of Xpress-pay – our Customer Success Program.

Customer Success Program Launched

With a continued focus on ensuring our clients get the very best from their time with us, we’ve launched an entirely new division dedicated to our Customer’s Success. This new initiative gives our clients access to new outlets, including a private Facebook group that connects everyone in our community with hundreds of other like-minded individuals. Those who join are able to connect with others to discuss business strategies. Also included is a weekly Facebook Live hosted by Julie Buttino, Customer Success Specialist.

Julie is sharing the inside secrets of how Xpress-pay and it’s “toolbox” can have a major impact on both people’s business, and lives of everyone involved. Plus, she’ll be live to answer some of the most important questions our clients are asking.

For more information on this amazing program please contact your account executive, or click here to join the program now.

What People Are Saying…

James Buttino, President and Founder of Systems East, Inc. had this to say about the new developments happening at Xpress-pay…

“2022 is going to be a very different year for our clients. We’re investing heavily to ensure the future is bright and prosperous for our clients, resellers, and staff, and we’re going to be making some important announcements in the coming weeks and month. Be sure to stay tuned!”

The Winner Is…

Our team recently headed out of the office to exhibit at the Association of Marina Industries Conference & Expo 2022 in beautiful Daytona Beach, FL. Just a few miles from our Ormond Beach, FL office.

During the show they met so many amazing people looking to make a difference in the Marina industry, and one lucky attendee even landed this amazing free YETI cooler. We wanted to congratulate Brian Arnold from Oasis Marinas on winning our top prize at the event. We hope it helps keep your drinks cold the next time you’re enjoying water.

Xpress-pay Team at Conference

Connect with us on our Facebook to see where we’re heading next, and where we’ve been!

Stay Tuned Next Month For…

Need to know what we’re talking about next week?

Until next time,

The Xpress-pay Team

(607) 753-6156 | sales@xpress-pay.com

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