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Xpress-pay Launches “Project X”

Cortland, New York, May 21, 2017 – Systems East, Inc., owner/operator of Xpress-pay.com, announced today they are in the process of releasing additional enhancements to their online bill payment and digital wallet solution. Xpress-pay is best known for providing emerging market businesses with a single platform to handle all their online and mobile payments, while reducing or eliminating the transaction costs they pay. They’ve now launched, “Project X,” aimed at delivering a fully unified ePayment ecosystem to participating merchants, consumers, and partners regardless of their industry.

Xpress – pay Launches “Project X , ” Extending its Unified Online, Mobile, & In – person e Payment Experience Across All Industries and Platforms

New Features in t heir Cloud – based Wallet and e Bill Payment Solution Expand Xpress – pay ’s Offering s Well Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Company President, James Buttino said, “We’re extremely excited about everything Project X offers, most importantly, how it removes the traditional boundaries of where, when, and how transactions occur. We focused on giving merchants more control over how they receive payments and recover costs. For consumers, we knew that convenience and security were the two biggest factors driving adoption, so we made our wallet cloud-based and PCI Level One certified. Wallets can be accessed from anywhere on any connected device. Finally, we have given our merchant provider partners an edge. They regularly leverage Xpress-pay to penetrate new markets, elevate their transaction volumes, and enjoy unprecedented customer loyalty.”

In October 2016, Xpress-pay released the first version of the enhanced system. The results broke through initial targets, and the remaining features are now being prepared for release. Clients boarded prior to October will be upgraded over the next four months. Mr. Buttino added, “After nearly two years of extensive planning and development, we knew from the initial response we received that we had a real gamechanger on our hands. Clearly this solution is easier and far more powerful than everyone expected.”

More recently, Xpress-pay added an enhanced bill presentation feature to the list of merchant options. This allows businesses to upload billing information from other accounting systems, so their customers may view and pay them with their Xpress-pay account. Payments can also happen from the customers’ preferred device, with no app to download or manage. More enhancements to this solution are also expected through 2017.

Xpress-pay is currently completing an update to their automated recurring billing and subscription payment service. This will give consumers and merchants the ability to maintain an unlimited number of payment and subscription schedules in a single portal. Mr. Buttino said, “We’re designing this so anyone can create, view, and modify all their transactions from one location. Imagine not having to juggle dozens of websites to pay bills, or view your transaction history. Instead, it will all be right in your Dashboard.”

Xpress-pay is also expanding into the retail sector with the Xpress-pay Valet, which gives retailers a cost-effective way to compete with their online rivals. This works by offering consumers a full range of online, mobile, and in-person purchase options within one wallet, at any participating retailer. “Retail is in crisis mode right now, and they continue losing ground to online competitors. That’s why we’re transforming their technological enemy into an ally. Seeing, buying, and shipping an item is far easier when the transaction is the same every time. It actually allows the act of paying to become as second nature as swiping a card, but with many more options. We expect our clients will realize the greatest benefits during the rapidly-approaching Christmas shopping season,” said Mr. Buttino.

Project X focuses on giving merchants the ability to employ a fully unified payment solution without the expense of developing it internally. Regarding retail, James continued, “We’re seeing a colossal shift in this  sector and it does not favor brick and mortar. Consumers still visit stores for the look-and-see experience, but now prefer the conveniences offered by buying online. Major labels are even scrambling to stay relevant. We’re helping eliminate this hurdle by giving all parties a single, proven, cobranded solution they can leverage to get the job done. It’s actually similar to what VISA accomplished decades ago when they replaced hundreds of single-purpose department store cards with one universally accepted card.”

By expanding into the retail sector, Xpress-pay will soon serve merchants in over forty industries on their platform. Their goal is to create a unified payment environment for all industries, and by  he looks of it that appears to be only a few months away. James ended by saying, “Our next move to get retailers on board is really aimed at helping breathe new life into a sector that is experiencing challenges to their very existence. I really look forward to working with as many as possible, as the time is right for them to regain their dominance.”

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