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Systems East, Inc. (Xpress-pay) Launches Podcast Series

On Demand, Familiarity with Host and Trusted Recommendations Cited as Reasons to Listen to Podcasts

Systems East, Inc. (Xpress-pay) Launches Podcast Series

On Demand, Familiarity with Host and Trusted Recommendations Cited as Reasons to Listen to Podcasts

October 24, 2018 – Cortland, New York.  PRWeb.  Systems East, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive finance, billing, and payment solutions since 1981, announced today that it has launched a podcast channel as part of The Xpress-pay Knowledge Center.

“People receive content in a variety of ways, and it’s easy to listen to an audio file while getting ready for work, on a commute, or while taking a walk. As part of our effort to meet the needs of our audience, we have launched a podcast channel that contains audio blogs and podcast interviews from the content of The Knowledge Center. All episodes are short, lasting only three to thirteen minutes each,” stated Melissa Rogozinski, Education and Training Expert at Systems East, Inc.

Podcasts have become popular in the last five years, in particular because people like to consume digital media on demand. According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, “Over 70% of respondents said that it was “very important” that they be able to listen to audio both wherever and whenever they wanted.” Engaging a podcast can be done while trying to relax or escape from a mentally demanding activity and can often be inspiring. Listeners also enjoy the familiarity with the host and, as a result, give a great deal of weight to product and service recommendations that are presented within that environment.

James Buttino, President of Systems East, Inc., commented, “Short podcasts are a great resource for obtaining bite-sized education on topics of personal and/or professional growth. I am very proud of the podcast we have created and am confident that both businesses and consumers of ePayments technology will also be pleased with the audio content of The Xpress-pay Knowledge Center.”

Systems East, Inc. is headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York and maintains satellite offices in South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. The company has an established record of providing professional assistance to thousands of clients all over the nation. In its thirty-seven year history, the experienced staff has specialized in the development of a variety of software products that are comprehensive, easy to use, and cost-effective. Systems East has consistently enjoyed steady and sustainable growth, resulting in a positive financial position every year, has no debt and has never sought or received funding from external sources such as banks or venture capitalists. This financial independence permits a focus on quality instead of shareholder income and is consistent with a management strategy that focuses on attraction and retention of both clients and employees. Systems East assists its clients in handling billions of dollars in transactions annually.

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