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The New Wallet!

Giving your customers the ability to pay has never been easier. Forget PCs, laptops, and leather wallets full of plastic. Xpress-pay Mobile replaces them all with our simple and secure, web-based digital wallet.

Whether your customers have an Android, iPhone, or Windows device, they can now pay you with it in seconds. Begin leveraging the power of mPayments, today!

An Easier Way to Bill

Consumers now read more emails on their phones than PCs. Take advantage of this by leveraging our mobile wallet to email them their bill, so they can pay it in seconds from their mobile device. They can also create a secure account to make paying future bills even easier.

Top-Notch Security

When you process with Xpress-pay, you can rest assured your sensitive information is being handled with the same high level of security and encryption used by major banks. That's because we've invested heavily in obtaining and maintaining our PCI Level One Certification. 

Revenue Boosters

Depending on the industry you operate in, we have the tools needed to secure your revenues and keep your bottom line moving in the right direction. Ask your account rep if either our Site Fee or Merchant Rewards Program is right for you.

How to Get Started


If you’re already an Xpress-pay customer, simply contact your rep to add mobile payments to your account. Otherwise, follow the link below, or contact us directly to enroll now.

(607) 753-6156

Set Up

Once your account is activated, we’ll schedule a time with you to set it up to suit your needs. Whether you want to accept one-off, or regular payments we’ll set you up for success.


Once your account is set up it’s important to notify your customers that they can now pay with their smartphones, so we’ll help you get the word out.


Don't wait! Sign up for Xpress-pay today, and begin realizing the amazing power our mobile payment solutions will add to your ePayment efforts. It's the game changer you've been waiting for.

How It Works


With the simple scan of a QR code, or tap of a hyperlink, your customers are instantly directed into a secure, mobile version of Xpress-pay to view their bill information. 


Next, they enter their payment credentials, or log in to their existing account to pay with a stored card, and confirm their payment. 


Finally, users are given an onscreen and emailed copy of their receipt. First-time users are also able to create an account to simplify future payments. That’s it! 

Watch Our Demo Video

See it in Action


Download Our Free QR Code Scanner!

We've created a QR code scanning app to compliment our mobile wallet. While it's not required to use with the system, it does offer an added layer of security when scanning Xpress-pay-certified QR codes. 

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