Earn Cash Rewards For Accepting
Online & Mobile ePayments!

Our revolutionary Merchant Rewards ProgramĀ© allows you to begin earning a 1% Cash Reward for every payment you accept through Xpress-pay! Open your account with us today, and change the way you get paid forever.

How It Works

Trusted by countless organizations across the U.S., Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Xpress-pay was launched in 2005 to give businesses like yours a better way of handling their online & mobile transactions.

Our Merchant Rewards Program allows you to earn up to 2% cash back on every transaction you process through Xpress-pay. Check out the video to learn more, then click the button below to enroll and start earning today! 


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Our advanced online and mobile payment tools provide everything you need to effectively accept, manage & monitor your transactions & rewards from anywhere.

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Imagine what you can do with an additional 1% added straight to your bottom line?! The possibilities are endless, so get started today and discover the power of Xpress-pay.

Access it Anytime

Finally, because we also make it easier for customers to pay you, you'll be able to sign deals in more places, adding yet another way for you to grow your bottom line.

Customers Love Xpress-Pay

                This system is great! It allowed me to recover nearly 80% of my credit card fees, and significantly reduce my paperwork. It also enables me to...get paid immediately. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone else looking to grow their bottom line."

Bill Johnson

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