Accept electronic payments from your insureds without absorbing the costs with our revolutionary Site Fee Program.


Xpress-pay Makes Getting Paid Easy

Transact Anywhere

No matter where you or your clients are, you now have the ability to transact around the clock. Our simple online and mobile payment solutions make it possible to transact on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Avoid the Fees

Accepting credit cards and eChecks doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Our exclusive Site Fee Program is the leading solution for insurance organizations looking to take credit cards. It works by adding a nominal security and delivery fee we charge to cover the costs of processing.

Begin Today

Getting started couldn't be easier, either. We'll help you set up your account, and train your staff on everything they need to know to be successful. Don't wait! Simplify how you get paid today!

Beyond Getting Paid

Xpress-pay doesn't just make it easier to accept payments. You'll also enjoy countless other features and benefits that will help grow your business. Since 2005, we've been helping our customers enjoy the ability to...

  • Accept deposits instantly so you can bind policies faster
  • Email monthly premiums so your customers can pay with confidence 
  • Accept recurring payments to help reduce/eliminate 11th hour payments
  • Run detailed reports to stay informed at all times
  • Eliminate costs to help you improve services for your customers
  • Increase brand awareness with our included custom graphics
  • Simplify your life even further by integrating Xpress-pay directly into your management software
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Professional, knowledgeable, competent, and a sincere pleasure to do business with! I wish all my vendors did business the way Xpress-pay does.



One Solution, Any Device

By leveraging the latest in web design, we've made it possible for you and your clients to enjoy all the benefits Xpress-pay has to offer no matter what device either of you are using.

What Sets Us Apart

With over a decade of experience in providing leading insurance payment solutions, our team is uniquely qualified to understand your needs, and deliver solutions that work. We specifically designed Xpress-pay to address the nuances involved in accepting electronic payments in the insurance industry, and created a comprehensive list of features you won't find anywhere else. Just to name a few:

  • Ability to virtually eliminate the costs involved
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Allow for automated payments to run themselves
  • Can be integrated directly into your management software
  • Multiple eBill presentation options available
  • Accept payment for any type of deposit or bill
  • Provide a digital wallet so customers can better control their payments, and view transaction history

What Does All This Cost?

Our exclusive Site Fee Program ensures accepting electronic payments won’t break the bank.

What You Pay

$99 Setup

$15 Monthly

What Your Insureds Pay

2.80% + $0.35

Visa MasterCard Discover & American Express (Amex) accepted at Xpress-pay


Accept eChecks with Xpress-pay

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