The Xpress-pay Valet

Unleash your customer's full purchasing power with an entirely new retail buying experience! Scan, Pay, Walk Away! That's all it takes for your customers to transact with you.

What Is The Valet

A revolutionary buying experience that turns every consumer's smartphone into a point of sale device. Customers purchase immediately, without waiting in a checkout line. Then, the items are shipped to their home, or as a gift! That's it! 

Scan... Pay... Walk Away!

Girl Shopping

Two Girls Shopping

A Better Way To Shop

Online shopping is popular because of the simplicity and convenience it offers. However, many still prefer to interact with items before deciding which to buy. The Xpress-pay Valet delivers the best of both worlds, capturing the sale exactly when the consumer's interest is at its highest.

Customers simply scan a product QR code to purchase on the spot, select a delivery address, pay, and leave. Imagine the convenience during busy holiday season: Scan, Pay, Walk Away. Gift purchases are made in seconds and on their way!

Window Shopping Redefined

After hours? Imagine being able to sell goods from your front window, even when your store is closed. Capture additional sales opportunities with the Xpress-pay Valet.

The Xpress-pay Valet redefines shopping. Customers can literally shop on-the-fly by simply scanning a code. The possibilities are truly endless as to how the Valet will expand your reach and grow your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more.

Girl Window Shopping


Give It A Spin!

Give the Valet a try now by "purchasing" this wireless headset. Just Imagine you're walking through the Modern Home store and see a headset you like. Just scan, pay, and walk away! The item gets shipped anywhere you'd like.

The Valet is perfect for selling anything, anywhere. Give your customers the experience they prefer no matter where they happen to be.

Give it a try now by scanning this code, then click the button to enroll.

Headset QR Code

Create Your Wallet

Setting Up Your Wallet

Follow the link below to begin setting up your own valet wallet, and securely store any card and bank account you'll want to pay with.

Pay Participating Merchants

Your account lets you pay any merchant in the Xpress-pay Network. You'll also have access to the other great features available.

Access It Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account 24/7 on any device you wish by simply logging in. Add/edit payment methods, addresses, and scheduled payments whenever it's convenient.