Going to the Source: Visa and MasterCard Communicate Changes Directly to Merchants

In the past, merchants looking for guidance on payment-related rule changes and best practices from the card brands relied almost entirely on their payment processor/acquirer. Communications making their way through this filter, however, did not always arrive with full clarity or timeliness.

To provide more direct communication with merchants, Visa recently started posting more often on its Website in the Merchant Resource Library, a resource developed especially for merchants accepting Visa credit, debit and prepaid cards. Visa, in an effort to foster better communication with merchants, said it will post directives and best practices regularly.

While these communications are for all merchants, CNP merchants should take special care to bookmark this page: Several new rules changes and updates that specifically impact them are coming soon. Look for in-depth examinations of these changes and how they affect CNP merchants in CardNotPresent.com over the next several weeks. In addition to information about upcoming changes, merchants will find best-practice resources on topics such as utilizing account updater efficiently, managing and optimizing authorizations and reporting requirements when there is a suspected data compromise.