Tell Them You Want to Xpress-Pay it!
With Your New Digital Wallet

Xpress-pay helps you ditch the plastic and move about the world easier when you choose to Xpress-pay for anything. Pay or donate to any participating organization using one account across any device, while keeping your sensitive information private.

Online Bill Pay+

Man paying online

Need to pay a bill in-person, or online? No worries. When businesses participate in Xpress-pay, you'll experience a faster, easier, and more secure way to transact anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Whether you're sitting on the couch, flying at 30,000 feet, or just lounging on a beach somewhere, your account is at your finger tips. 

In-store Payments

Smartphone and laptop

Xpress-pay also simplifies how you pay for things at the physical store. When you see the Xpress-pay logo, scan the QR code presented to login, confirm, and leave. It's that fast and easy. Don't see the logo? Tell your favorite businesses and non-profits that you'd rather have the option to Xpress-pay it!

In-app Purchases

Man paying online with tablet

Finally, Xpress-pay also simplifies paying for things within your favorite apps. That's because no matter what device you're on, the payment experience is always the same simple, convenient, and secure process you're used to. Wherever you are, tell them you'd rather be able to Xpress-pay it!

Refer & Earn

We need your help in getting Xpress-pay out to the world!

Why? Because when you refer us, it carries the ultimate sign of approval. Fill out the form below, and you'll receive a $10 Prepaid Visa Card for every business you help us enroll, and they begin running transactions!

Create Your Wallet Here...

Setting It Up

Follow the link below to begin setting up your wallet with your email and a password. Then add any card and bank account you'll want to pay for things with, and more.

Pay Participating Merchants

Your account lets you pay any merchant in the Xpress-pay Network. You'll also have access to all your transaction history, payment details, and more by logging in.

Access it Anytime, Anywhere

Access your account 24/7 on any device you wish by simply logging in. Add/edit payment methods, addresses, and scheduled payments whenever it's convenient. 

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