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We understand you're always looking for ways to enhance your customers' experience. Part of that should include offering them the ability to pay how they want, and when they want.

Xpress-pay gives you all that and so much more, by delivering you a simple, flexible, and convenient online and mobile eBill & payment solution. Enjoy being able to quickly email customers their bill, so they can view and pay it with confidence. We can also integrate our secure payment portal directly into your customer management system for the ultimate experience. 

Finally, our exclusive Site Fee Program, which allows you to virtually eliminate the high costs associated with accepting electronic payments, will allow you to increase revenue from every transaction. Find out more below, or click the link to enroll!

Accept Payments For...

Service Turn On/Off

Initial Deposits

Monthly Bills

Add-on Services

Maintenance Fees

Recurring Payments

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If you like what you've heard, the only thing left to do is enroll! It only takes a few minutes, and you can get started for as little as $99, and $10/mo.

If you enroll online today, we'll back your purchase with a 30-day, money back guarantee, meaning you have nothing to lose! Let's get started.

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What Folks Are Saying...

“This system is great! It allowed me to recover nearly 80% of my credit card fees, and significantly reduce my paperwork. It also enables me to...get paid immediately. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone else looking to grow their bottom line."

Bill Johnson

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The Xpress-pay Difference

Secure & Cloud-based

Everything with Xpress-pay is handled in our own secure, cloud-based, encrypted environment to help ensure all your data and transactions are protected.

Reduce Delinquencies

Help make late and missed payments a thing of the past by enabling our user-friendly recurring payments feature that automates payments.

Site Fee Program©

By adding a modest Site Fee to every payment, we help  offset the high costs of accepting electronic payments, so you can better serve your customers.


You Pay

$0 To start


Your Customers Pay

2.85% + $0.40/transaction


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