Make accepting ePayments in your office, on-site, and anywhere else simple, secure, and affordable, while paying just $10/month!

What Is Xpress-pay?

A simple online & mobile payment system that lets you:

  • Text or email customers a bill to get paid instantly
  • A solution to virtually eliminate GOAs
  • Accept secure payments on your website and on-site
  • Receive payment before ever dispatching a truck
  • Get tips with every payment
  • Pay just $10/mo to accept unlimited credit card payments

how it works

How You Win

Get Paid Before Dispatching

With just a simple email or text message, your customers can pay in seconds, and you can focus on handling your business.

Get Paid Before Hooking Up

If you're already at the tow site, you can use any smartphone or tablet to take a payment before hooking up. It's fast, simple, and secure.

Keep Your $$

Our Site Fee Program allows you to eliminate the costs of accepting credit cards, and pay only $10/mo. That's it!

Earn Tips

You can also receive tips with every payment, so don't forget to thank your customers, so they can thank you.

HOW TO Get Started

Enroll Online

Click "Enroll Now" below to start your secure online application. It only takes minutes to get your business moving in the right direction.

Have a Question?

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Tow Operators Love Xpress-Pay

"This system is great! It allowed me to eliminate my credit card costs, and significantly reduce my paperwork. Signing up also freed my staff to focus on dispatching trucks into the field faster. I'd absolutely recommend Xpress-pay to anyone looking to grow their bottom line."

Bill Johnson

Hampshire Towing

Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame

See how this works for your business


Hear how Bud Gruber at Bald Eagle Towing used Xpress-pay to help his business run smoother, become more profitable and:

Expedite Service By 25%

Reduce Card Costs By 80%

Industry Partners

We're proud to work with the best in the industry, and offer a secure payment option for their members or customers. Contact us today for more information, or to discuss an integration opportunity.