Streamline In-Person Payments Using The tDynamo Device

Tap, dip, & swipe your way to higher profits by using our new tDynamo handheld terminal. Streamline retail and face-to-face transactions, while eliminating transaction costs. Get started today!

Accept Retail Payments & Donations with Xpress-pay & the tDynamo

Shown as portable and with optional stand

The tDynamo is a compact credit/debit card reader that turns any iPhone, Android, or PC into a powerful retail terminal, now backed by the flexibility of Xpress-pay.

Simply pair the device to your phone's Bluetooth or plug it into a USB port of a Windows PC and complete the configuration steps to get started.

Our exclusive Site Fee Program also allows you to offset the transaction costs, making your business more profitable than ever.

Contact us today or schedule a call to learn what this incredible solution will mean for your business. 

Dip, Swipe, Tap, & NFC Transactions Made Easy

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Xpress-pay Makes Getting Paid Easy

Here are just a few of the many benefits you'll enjoy with new addition to Xpress-pay, while elevating the customer experience.

Get Paid On Your Terms

Our simple, flexible, and convenient digital payment platform is the leading solution for enabling organizations of all types in accepting credit/debit cards. Grow your bottom line by enabling online, mobile, and in-person payments anytime, anywhere, for any amount. Then, access all transaction information from one simple dashboard. 

tDynamo in white in hand with Xpress-pay

tDynamo tap dip swipe anf nfc

Enhance The Customer Experience

Give customers more ways to pay, whether by physical card or their phone's digital wallet. You'll capture revenue from all channels, elevating your business, and earning more. Enroll now to get started. 

Also Great For Tips & Donations

Customers can show their appreciation by adding a gratuity to their payment, either a percentage or an amount. For donations, patrons can add a percentage to help cover processing costs.

Retail payments with Xpress-pay

Eliminate Interchange Costs

Eliminate Transaction Costs

Our direct integration allows you to leverage the Xpress-pay Site Fee Program. That means you can continue to absorb transaction costs or pass some or all of them to the consumer. Which will you choose?

Transact with NFC eWallets

The tDynamo accepts tap-to-pay, so you’ll instantly be able to accept Google Wallet, SamsungPay, and ApplePay. Let your customers know you have what they're looking for!

NFC Transaction

Getting Started is Simple

Step 1: Buy a tDynamo

Order your tDynamos below, then contact us for instructions. Don't have an Xpress-pay account? Click here to get started.

Step 2: Connect to Xpress-pay

We'll work with you to connect your tDynamo to your Xpress-pay account. It only takes a few minutes to boost customer satisfaction.

Step 3: Begin Transacting

Use it as a Bluetooth portable device with your phone or bolt it down with the optional PC/USB charging stand. Xpress-pay now delivers complete flexibility in payment solutions.

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