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Scale your business faster than ever by being able to accept unlimited online payments in your office, on-site, or anywhere else for FREE!

What Is Xpress-pay?

A powerful online & mobile ePayment system that lets you:

  • Legally & ethically eliminate ePayment transaction costs
  • Accept payments on your website, on-site, and anywhere else
  • Email customers their bill to get paid faster
  • Accept tips with any payment to increase employee pay
  • Pay only $15/month to accept unlimited ePayments

How You Win

Get Paid Before Heading Out

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With a simple email or text message, your customers can pay you for any job before your technicians ever leave the office. This makes it easier for you to focus on the job at hand, while we make getting paid simple.

Simplify On-Site Payments

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Accepting secure, in-person payments has never been easier either. With any mobile device you or your customers can access your dedicated payment portal in seconds to complete transactions.

Increase Revenues

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Our exclusive Merchant Rewards Program allows you to increase revenues by adding an additional 3% fee to every payment (you keep 2%). This money can be used to pay your processing costs, or anything else you wish. It's your money!

Earn Tips

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With an integrated gratuity feature, you'll also give your staff the ability to earn a little extra from appreciative customers. Let your staff know you care and enroll in Xpress-pay today! It's easy, and one of the best ways to grow your service-oriented business.

GetTING Started...

Enroll Online...

Click the button below to begin your secure, online enrollment, along with purchasing the features that are right for your business, then...

...Then Tell the World

...let the world know this new ePayment option is available by placing an Xpress-pay it! button on your website, and a QR code everywhere you interact with your customers.

Have a Question?

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Customers Love Xpress-Pay

"This system is great! It allowed me to recover nearly 80% of my credit card fees, and significantly reduce my paperwork. Signing up also freed my staff to focus on [getting the job done]. I'd absolutely recommend Xpress-pay to anyone looking to grow their bottom line."

Bill Johnson

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You Pay

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Your Customers Pay

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