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Xpress-pay let you reopen your doors to member donations with simple, secure technology that everyone can trust. Scroll down for more, contact us directly at (607) 753-6156, or...

Special offer to Expand your congregation's reach During COVID-19

We know that this is a difficult time for congregations all over. For that reason Xpress-pay is offering a special FREE 3-month trial. Try our software solution that makes giving on any device anywhere at any time simple.

People need the message that you have to give more than ever before. Technology has made it possible for you to extend your reach beyond the physical walls of your building. Let us help you keep the doors open for your congregation to give back and keep that influence going during COVID-19 and beyond.

You’re Always Helping Others keep the faith. Let Us help you with...

Increasing Donations

We provide numerous ways to accept online, mobile, and automated donations and payments to help you reach more of your congregations' members.

Improving Relations

With every transaction, you’ll have instant access to all donor information, including name, email, zip, etc. so you can keep in regular contact with them.

Increasing Security

No need to worry about security, as all your transactions are processed with the same high level security and encryption offered by major banks.

Friction-Free Donations

Leverage the power of automated, recurring donations from your members, and get the most out of every campaign you launch.

Donations: Any time, Anywhere, Any device...

Receive donations from your followers any time, anywhere. We'll help you place a hyperlink, button, or QR code in your outreach efforts, so you can track their progress. All you need to do is enroll in our Platinum Program below, today...

Customers Love Xpress-Pay

"With months of research to find the best company to handle our online and mobile payments, I came across Xpress-pay. We could not be more pleased. Keep up the good work!"

Wendy Minges

"In the days of computers and technology it is hard to find a company with amazing customer service, if any customer service at all. You, my friend, have it with your staff and your company, and you all deserve a million kudos."

Rebecca Marsala

"I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the hard work you and your team have put into this project. We know we're a complicated bunch and we truly appreciate everything you've done to help us get this launched."

Megan McGrath

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#1: Full Online & Mobile e-Donation Solution: (Valued at: $699)

Gain all the tools and support needed to open your organization to receiving gifts and financial support needed to carry on for years to come. Xpress-pay gives you nearly endless list of ways to receive donations, across all the platforms you use, including emails, websites, videos, printed materials, and more. 

#2: Private Coaching Session (Valued at: $199)

Get to know all of the in’s and out’s of what your new Xpress-pay account is capable of with a private coaching session with one of our seasoned support specialists. Ask questions, and learn how to get the most out of your time with us in record time. 

#3: Recurring Donations Tool Add-on: (Valued at: $399)

Help secure your congregations financial future, whether your doors are open or not. By allowing your members to set up automatic, recurring donations, they can rest easy knowing they’re helping make a difference, while you can have a little more peace of mind knowing some donations will continue flowing.

#4: Customizable Donation Experience: (Valued at: $299)

You’ve worked hard creating a message and a brand that others have connected with, and we want to help you spread both of those further. That’s why we’ve created some tools so you can personalize the eDonation experience for your patrons

#5: QuickBooks Online Integration: (Valued at: $199)

One of our newest features is a direct link to QuickBooks Online. Make receiving and tracking donations easier than ever by leveraging the power of both these world-class solutions. Enroll now to get started enjoying all these life changing solutions.

#6: VIP Support: (Valued at: $299)

Whether you’re launching a new donation campaign, trying to fund an event, or anything else that requires your account to be updated, we’ll be here for you. Our support specialists are on-call to make sure you have a pleasant experience with us.

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