Global Non-Profit Outreach Program

At Xpress-pay, we appreciate the vital roll you play in the community and in the lives of those you serve. Let us return the favor starting today.

You’re Always Helping Others. Now, Let Us help you...

Increase Donations

We provide numerous ways to accept online, mobile, and automated donations and payments to help you reach more people with your cause.

Improve Cultivation

With every transaction, you’ll have instant access to all donor information, including name, email, zip, etc. so you can keep in regular contact with them.

Reliable Security

No need to worry about security, as all your transactions are processed with the same high level security and encryption offered by major banks.

Friction-Free Donations

No matter how or where you want to connect with donors, we give you various ways to transact that make the transactions simple and convenient.

Donations: Any time, Anyone, Anywhere...

Receive donations from any of your campaigns, any time, anywhere, and from anyone. Simply place a hyperlink, button, or QR code in the campaign, and track their progress to see what's working for you and your constituents...


Great! Simply follow the link below to enroll your benevolent organization FREE! We're waiving our typical $99 set up fee, as just another way to say thank you for all you do for others.

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