Begin accepting credit card and eCheck payments from your clients without the high costs, while automating your billing practices today.

Join Your Colleagues In Enjoying All the Benefits Xpress-pay Offers

Accepting electronic payments in your legal practice has never been easier or more affordable when you enroll in Xpress-pay. With the ability to automate numerous billing functions to collect retainers and fees of all kinds, virtually eliminate the costs involved, and reduce your exposure to sensitive data, Xpress-pay has everything you need to enjoy the many benefits offered by accepting ePayments. 

Solutions Built For You

Automate Billings

Xpress-pay gives you the ability to instantly invoice your clients via email or text message, so they can pay in seconds. You can also leverage our automated recurring payment tools so clients can arrange payment plans, or simplify how they pay for retainers.

Reduce Aging A/R

By giving your clients more options to pay using their preferred method, you allow them greater opportunity to settle their financial obligations. Accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks to help accounts stay current, and get those in arrears to pay-in-full.

Forget the Costs

Our exclusive Site Fee Program also helps you eliminate the costs for accepting ePayments by charging a separate, nominal fee during checkout. These additional funds are sent to a separate account, and cover the transaction fees involved. All you pay is $10/month.

What Sets Us Apart

With over 35 years of providing industry-leading collection, finance, and payment solutions, our team is uniquely qualified to understand your needs, and deliver results. We designed Xpress-pay to address the nuances involved in accepting ePayments for almost any situation, and have created a comprehensive list of features you won't find anywhere else, including:

  • Real-time interest & penalty calculations
  • 3rd party software Integrations
  • Instantly email or text a bill for payment
  • eBill presentation capabilities
  • Recurring payment options
  • Accept online, mobile, and telephone  payments

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Customers Love Xpress-Pay

"My secretaries were spending over an hour a day manually entering credit card information, calling clients when the information wasn't correct, re-entering it, and then emailing receipts. Credit cards were becoming overly burdensome to process. So all I was looking for was to save on the labor. Xpress-pay was able to offer so much more. I now have a secure pay portal on my website where clients enter their own credit card information and they pay a [Site Fee]. Now I save hundreds of hours of secretary labor a year and over $10,000.00 [annually]. Definitely a win-win for my office. Thanks Xpress-pay!"

Tom Mafrici

Mafrici Law Office 

One Solution, Any Device

By leveraging the latest in web design, we've made it possible for you and your clients to enjoy all the benefits Xpress-pay has to offer no matter what device either of you are using.

What About Cost?

You Pay

$99 Setup

$10 Monthly

Residents Pay

2.85% + $0.40