Gravity Forms Integration

Connect your existing Gravity Forms to Xpress-pay to deliver the ultimate customer experience while increasing revenue now!

Connecting Xpress-pay To An Existing Gravity Form

Gravity Form redirect setup

Connecting your Gravity Forms to Xpress-pay is incredibly easy! Simply add a new "Confirmation" option to your form and you're all set. Here are the step by step instructions.

click on Settings at the top. 

Next, click Confirmations and then "Add New". 

Open Form: Settings > Confirmations > Add New > Redirect (radio button)

Next, paste your corresponding Xpress-pay payment link in the "Redirect URL" field. It will look something like:

Then, in the "Pass Field" settings, click the {--} to choose the various elements of the form you'd like to pass on with the payment, including the amount "&a={Total}". The string should look something like: 

l1={My Super Awesome Product (Name):1.1}&l2={Another Amazing Product (Name):11.1}&a={Total:3} 

Click Save Confirmation and you're done!

Have Questions?

Enroll with confidence by having your questions answered beforehand. Connect with our team here or on the chat to learn exactly how Xpress-pay works.

Reasons To Connect Your Forms To Xpress-pay

Here are some of the many benefits you'll enjoy with XPRESS-PAY, while giving your customers a better all around experience.

Streamline The Payment Process

With the flexibility of Xpress-pay and Gravity forms, you'll make paying easier than ever for your clients. They can also choose to save payment information in our secure wallet to make future payments faster and even more convenient.

Grow Profits Instantly

Our exclusive Site Fee Program allows you to grow your profit margins by as much as 30% with every payment sent through Xpress-pay, when compared to traditional payment solutions. 

Simple, Flexible, Secure

Getting started couldn't be easier either. We'll help you get your Xpress-pay account set up, then give you the training needed to connect existing forms, and all future ones as well. Don't wait! Get started today and start growing your bottom line faster with us!

Getting Started

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