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Congratulations on taking the first step to eliminating your credit card transaction costs, getting paid faster, and increasing your bottom line!

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How Is This Possible?

When you enroll in our exclusive SubscripXion Plan, we become your 3rd party bill delivery service. This means we can charge a small fee to your customers, which covers all your transaction costs. That's it! They spend a couple dollars more, and you save THOUSANDS! 

What Will I (Really) Pay?

You pay $10/month. Seriously, that's it!

Your customers pay a Site Fee of 2.85% + $0.40 to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex.

Is There a Contract?

Yes, but only because it's required by law when processing electronic payments, and moving money in/out of your bank account. But, you can cancel anytime, free of charge.

Any Cancellation Fees?

No, and there's no obligation to stay in the plan. If, for any reason you're not totally satisfied, you may cancel at any time. We'll help guide you through the process as well.

How Do I See Who Paid?

You can get an email notification everytime someone pays, and always log in to your dashboard to view real-time reports.

What About Chargebacks?

Our customers enjoy a very low rate of chargebacks because they allow their customers to complete each tranasction. However, if they do occur, you'll have access to more payment information to help you win more disputes.  

3rd Party Integrations?

Yes, we have a wide variety of current integrations, including QuickBooks Online and others. Plus, you can use our xFrame solution to embed our payment portal into any web page.

Do You Offer an App?

Xpress-pay is actually a web-app, which means you and your customers can securely access your accounts no matter what device you happen to be on. No apps to download, or manage.

Do You Run My Credit?

Yes, but not for municipal officials, or if you are able to provide corporate financials showing a strong balance sheet, and processing history. 

Who Else Uses This?

You'll be joining the millions of other organizations and consumers across the country already enjoying the benefits of Xpress-pay. See below to start building your account now!

Did We Miss Anything?

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What's the Setup Process?



Xpress-pay Software

SubscripXion Plan Access

Turn all your emails, web pages, videos, social posts, printed materials, and more into money-making machines. Your money hits your account in 2-business days or less.

Xpress-pay on Galaxy S8

Site Fee Program

Gain access to our Site Fee Program. The most trusted way of wiping out your transaction costs for good.

Xpress-pay Payment Options Screen

Accounting Assistant

We've taken the hassle out of Accounting for the additional revenue you'll generate by splitting the additional funds off into a separate account we'll use to pay your transaction fees. How amazing is that? 

Xpress-pay Instant Invoice on smartphone

eBilling By Text & Email

Start getting paid faster! Send customers their bill instantly by text or email, so they can use a click-to-pay link to pay on the spot. Stop chasing A/R.

Xpress-pay Instant Invoice on tablet

FREE Bonus #1: One-hour Coaching Session

Get running with confidence during your 1-hour private coaching session with a certified Account Specialists.

VIP Support

FREE Bonus #2: Live V.I.P. Support

Our team of highly trained, domestic Support Specialists is here for you. Keep things running smoothly moving forward. 

Swag bag with tee shirt, eBook, stickers and more

FREE Bonus #3: Thank You Swag

As our way of saying thank you, we'll be sending you a box of goodies, including a cozy t-shirt, customized drink koozie, popsocket, two stickers, and a paperback copy of our book ePayment Secrets.

100% guaranteed

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your Xpress-pay Membership, we'll issue you a full refund within 90-days of your enrollment. No questions asked!

All For Only: $47 $10/month

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