WANT our proven 4-steps to Getting paid faster, and earning up to 30% more profits?

After 15 years, we're finally opening up Xpress-pay to the world. Over the years, this program has generated tens of millions in additional revenue for our clients, and now you can join in the fun by getting paid faster, but only for a limited time. 

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Based on 15 years of perfecting our proven methods to growing businesses, you can now realize your full profit potential with the 4 steps to getting paid faster that we lay out below. Discover the 10 minutes that'll change your life moving forward.

why Did James Choose us?

Because We Deliver...

"We went from paying around $7,000 to 8,000 dollars a month in credit card processing fees, and cut that in half. We love it. Most customers like it, they don't need to give us their card number so you get that security factor. Not to mention, they authorize it themselves and you know it limits chargebacks. Win-win."

STEP 1: Getting paid faster

1. Start texting and emailing customer invoices from your Xpress-pay dashboard

2. Customers use the simple CLICK-TO-PAY experience from any device

3. You receive 100% of your $$ in the bank. That's it!



Outside of getting paid faster, our exclusive Site Fee Program allows you to eliminate your payments processing costs, which can grow your margins by up to 30%, starting with the very first transaction.

This is the amount of a discount (%) you're expected to sell your services for when accepting credit cards. Ouch! From now on, you decide how much (or little) you'll pay as a "discount". We suggest paying $0.

ePayments also typically include a flat "per transaction fee", ranging from $0.05 to $0.50. Not anymore! Our Site Fee Program lets you finally stop paying these, and keep your own hard earned $$. How great is that?

Finally, stop paying higher and higher monthly fees for the same service. For just $10/month, Xpress-pay gives you all the tools & support needed to make ePayments work for you and your customers from now on.

elevate your status

Elaine, what about Xpress-pay do you like most?

"I like the professionalism it gives my company, and gives my customers the ease of knowing they're using their device [to pay]. That means my customers get to do part of my job for me [making my life easier]."

step 3: trust the process & us

On the List

Listen, we get that there are countless claims out there promising the secret recipe to turn you into an "overnight success". That's not this.

For nearly 40 years now, we've continued to dedicate our lives to delivering powerful solutions that help our clients realize greater success. 

We launched Xpress-pay in 2005 to do just that, and now it's helping millions of folks like you process billions of dollars each year, and has put tens of millions back onto their bottom lines. How much will it put back on yours?

step 4: enroll & get everything you need to succeed...

4 Steps To Getting Paid Faster

A Total eBilling & ePayment Solution: (Valued at: $297)

Turn all of your emails, web pages, videos, social posts, printed materials, and more into money-generating machines. Start transacting with your customers anytime, anywhere, from any device. Plus, enjoy the freedom of being able to handle all your billing electronically in one place. 

Getting Paid Faster

Our Exclusive Site Fee Program: (Valued at: $3,824)

Built into your new Xpress-pay account is our proven profit protection service called our Site Fee Program. On average, this service earns our clients $3,824/year in additional revenue. How much more will you earn?

Here's how it works: When you enroll we become your 3rd party eBilling provider. Your customers then pay us a small, separate fee to use our service. We use these additional funds to pay your processing fees, meaning you keep 100% of your own money.

Getting Paid Faster with Text and Email Invoicing

GETTING PAID FASTER WITH Text & Email Invoicing: (VALUED AT: $97)

Send your customers a simple email or text message so they can pay you in seconds. Getting paid has never been faster or easier, and your customers will love the incredible experience you're providing.  

Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistant Add-on: (Valued at: $97)

We knew that if you had to account for the additional revenue created by the Site Fee Program, it would be another burden on your time. That's why we've created our Account Assistant tool, which separates the new money from yours, and automatically uses it to pay your transaction costs. How great is that?

Coaching Session on Getting Paid Faster

FREE Bonus #1: One-hour Private Coaching Session ON GETTING PAID FASTER

Get to know everything your new Xpress-pay account can do during a private, one-hour coaching session. Spend just a little time with one of our certified Account Specialists and you'll be running with confidence in no time.

V.I.P Support

FREE Bonus #2: Live V.I.P. Support

Whether you’re launching a new service, trying to grow your bottom line, or just need help, we’re here for you. Our team of U.S.-based support specialists are ready to answer any questions you have, and help deliver the best experience possible.

Swag Bag with tee shirt, stickers, eBook

FREE Bonus #3: Thank You Swag Bag

As a way of saying thank for joining our Community, we'll be mailing you some FREE goodies. Included is an ultra-soft, tri-blend t-shirt, drink koozie, popsocket (to make accepting mobile payments easier), two stickers, and a paperback copy of our book ePayment Secrets. How amazing is that?

Valued at $4,715 annually...

Today's Price: $47
...plus $10/month

90-day money back guarantee

We hope that these 4-Steps To Getting Paid Faster help your business.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your Xpress-pay Membership, we'll issue you a full refund within 90 days of your enrollment. No questions asked!


still have questions?

call us, or Schedule one:

How is this possible?

Our exclusive Site Fee Program adds a separate, nominal security and delivery fee (2.85%+$0.40 for credit cards, $2.95 for eChecks) to each consumer payment. That's it! You pay one low monthly fee, and receive 100% of your money.

When do I get my money?

Within 2-business days, 100% of the amount billed will be deposited directly into your bank account. Pretty great, right?

What About Chargebacks?

Our customers enjoy a very low rate of chargebacks because they allow their customers to complete each transaction. However, if they do occur, you'll have access to more payment information to help you win more disputes. 

Is there a contract?

Yes, but only because it's required by law when processing electronic payments, and moving money in/out of your bank account. But, you can cancel anytime, free of charge. 

Do You Integrate With Other Software?

Yes, we have a wide variety of current integrations, including QuickBooks Online and others. Plus, you can use our xFrame solution to embed our payment portal into any web page.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, and there's no obligation to stay in the plan. If, for any reason you're not totally satisfied, you may cancel at any time. We'll help guide you through the process as well.

Do You Offer An App?

Xpress-pay is actually a web-app, which means you and your customers can securely access your accounts no matter what device you happen to be on. No apps to download, or manage.

Will My Credit Be Run?

Yes, but not for municipal officials, or if you are able to provide corporate financials showing a strong balance sheet, and processing history.

How Do I Know when someone pays?

Choose whether you'd like an email notification every time someone pays, or simply log in to your account and run a payment report. Transactions are all recorded in real-time. 

Who else is using this service?

Join the millions of other organizations and consumers enjoying all the benefits Xpress-pay offers. We've put tens of millions back in their pockets, and can help you grow as well.