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Since you'd like to pay for at least some of the transaction costs, you can skip over our free Silver Plan and head straight for THE GOLD! Gain total control of exactly how much you pay to transact. Schedule a FREE strategy call now to learn how!

Customize Your Gold Plan

Gain total control of how, when, where, and how much you pay to get paid. Our Gold Plan puts you in the driver's seat, starting with a FREE strategy session...

Tom Hakes, Sales Manager

Tom Hakes, Sales Manager

FREE 15-Minute Strategy Session

With the world driving faster and faster towards digital payments, the landscape is quickly getting more complicated and expensive. Thankfully, you now have a partner that can help.

Book your call now with one of our Revenue Specialists, like Tom Hakes (pictured), and tell us a little more about your unique business. That way, we can help you create the exact payment strategy that'll help move your organization forward. 

Also Included In Your Gold Plan

A Total eBilling & ePayment Solution: (Valued at: $297)

Turn all of your emails, web pages, videos, social posts, printed materials, and more into money-generating machines. Start transacting with your customers anytime, anywhere, from any device. Plus, enjoy the freedom of being able to handle all your billing electronically in one place. 

Xpress-pay Site Fee Program

Profit Protection Service: (Valued at: $3,824)

Built into your Xpress-pay account is virtual "lever" that let's you control how much (or little) you pay in transaction costs. This means you finally have the freedom to decide how much your business earns. 

Here's how it works: When you enroll we become your 3rd party eBilling provider. You then decide if your customers pay anything additional to offset your payment processing costs, or not. Plus, we'll work with you to refine this strategy to best suit your businesses' changing needs. Keep more of your money starting today!

Get Paid By Text & Email: (Valued at: $97)

Send your customers a simple email or text message so they can pay you in seconds. Getting paid has never been faster or easier, and your customers will love the incredible experience you're providing.  

Live Support from Xpress-pay

Live V.I.P. Support

Whether you’re launching a new service, trying to grow your bottom line, or looking to reduce A/R, we’re here for you. Our support specialists are ready to go live to ensure you have the ultimate experience moving forward.

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