Included In Your FREE Silver Plan

Get the tools needed to get paid anytime, anywhere, and on any device from now on. Here's everything you'll enjoy in your new Xpress-pay account...

A Total eBilling & ePayment Solution

A Total eBilling & Payment Solution (Valued at: $297)

Turn all your emails, web pages, videos, social posts, printed materials, and more into money-making machines. Start transacting with your customers anytime, anywhere, from any device. Plus, enjoy the freedom of being able to handle all your billing electronically in one place.

Site Fee Program Access

Profit Protection Service (Valued at: $3,824)

Built into your new Xpress-pay account is our proven profit protection service called our Site Fee Program. On average, this service earns our clients $3,824/year in additional revenue. How much more will you earn?

Here's how it works: When you enroll we become your 3rd party eBilling provider. Your customers then pay us a small, separate fee to use our service. We use these additional funds to pay your processing fees. Keep 100% of your money.


Get Paid By Text & Email (Valued at: $97)

Send your customers a simple email or text message so they can pay you in seconds. Getting paid has never been faster or easier, and your customers will love the incredible experience you're providing.


An Accounting Assist (Valued at: $97)

We knew that if you had to account for the additional revenue created by the Site Fee Program, it would be another burden on your time. That's why we've created our Account Assistant tool, which separates the new money from yours, and automatically uses it to pay your transaction costs. How great is that?

LIve VIP Support

Live VIP Support

Our team of highly trained, domestic Support Specialists is here for you. Keep things running smoothly moving forward.

Why Upgrade With QBO Connect?


QuickBooks Online Connect: (Valued at: $199)

The QBO Connect tool is the fastest, easiest way to bill your customers and reconcile payments, while eliminating the transaction costs involved. Combine the power of QBO & Xpress-pay today for another level of user experience.


Bonus Swag Bag (Valued at: $99)

As our way of saying thank you, we'll be sending you a box of goodies, including a cozy t-shirt, customized drink koozie, a popsocket, two stickers, and a paperback copy of our book ePayment Secrets.

Regular Price: $298

Today's Price: $175