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#1: Doing Business Any Time, Anywhere: (Valued at: $699)

Gain all the tools and support you need to get paid online or on-site, any time, anywhere, from any device. Within your Xpress-pay account, you'll love the nearly endless set of ways you can set up to take in money from happy customers. Moreover, you can use this service across all your channels of marketing, like your website, emails, videos, printed materials, and more. 

#2: Get Paid Faster From Text & Email: (Valued at: $399)

Want to start reducing your Accounts Receivables, or shorten the time it takes to invoice a customer, and get paid? From your account, you'll be able to send clients a text message or email they can pay you with in seconds. This will completely revolutionize how you transact with customers. 

#3: Automating Your Revenue Stream: (Valued at: $399)

Help secure your organization's financial future, whether your doors are open or not, by allowing customers to set up automatic, recurring payments. They'll rest easy knowing their bills are paid on time, while you'll enjoy steadier cash flow.

FREE BONUS #1: Private Coaching Session (Valued at: $199)

Get to know all of the in’s and out’s of what your new Xpress-pay account is capable of with a private coaching session with one of our seasoned support specialists. Ask questions, and learn how to get the most out of your time with us in record time. 

FREE BONUS #2: A Customizable Payment Experience: (Valued at: $299)

You’ve worked hard creating your brand that connects with others, and we want to help you spread it further. That’s why we’ve created numerous tools that allow you to personalize how you get paid. Update banners, backgrounds, or even embed our secure payment portal directly into your website for the ultimate payment experience! 

FREE BONUS #3: Welcome Box Kit: (Valued at: $99)

We want to show you just how much we appreciate your business, so we're going to be sending you a full welcome kit as a thank you! In it, you'll find a complimentary t-shirt, paperback version of our ePayment Secrets book, a cell phone handle, and a koozie to help you unwind at the end of a long day. Just let us know what size t-shirt you'd like...

#5: QuickBooks Online Integration: (Valued at: $199)

One of our newest features is a direct link to QuickBooks Online. Make receiving and tracking donations easier than ever by leveraging the power of both these world-class solutions. Enroll now to get started enjoying all these life changing solutions.

#6: Live, V.I.P. Support: (Valued at: $299)

Whether you’re launching a new donation campaign, trying to fund an event, or anything else that requires your account to be updated, we’ll be here for you. Our support specialists are on-call to make sure you have a pleasant experience with us.

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