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A Quick How-to...

Follow these brief instructions to run any demo below...

  • Use your actual email address to see a sample receipt, then card number 41111, and any valid expiration date.
  • During checkout, use the "Remember me" to create a digital wallet account of your own. That way, you'll be able to see all the benefits offered by the Xpress-pay digital wallet, too.

Top Solutions

Invoice By Text/Email

  • Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)
  • Use a simple form to text or email customer bills, or...
  • Upload a file to send several bills at once
  • Customer clicks and pays their bill in seconds

xFrame Integration

  • Accept secure payments on your website
  • Integration takes only minutes to deploy
  • All the benefits of Xpress-pay delivered to your site

eBill Presentment

  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)
  • Organization uploads bills; Consumer locates and pays
  • Includes "View bill PDF" feature

Instant Payments

  • Flexible payment form
  • Completed by merchant or consumer
  • Fast-track to secure ePayments

Recurring Payments

  • Automates payments & subscriptions
  • Schedules set by you or the customer
  • Reduces late/forgotten payments

3rd Party Integrations

  • Connect with any cloud-based customer portal
  • Creates the highest level of customer confidence
  • Post payments in real-time into 3rd party systems

Telephone (IVR) Payments

  • Integrates directly with your online payments
  • Reach customers not online with your Xpress-pay account
  • Payments post in real-time to your account

Use account #'s: 12300 - 12399

Global aXcess Framework

  • Leverages your API suite to access current information
  • Direct retrieval of your A/R data for real-time presentation
  • Immediate posting of payments to your database
  • Powerful tools, minimal costs, rapid deployment

Xpress-pay Valet

  • A new retail buying experience
  • Retail: Scan, pay, walk away; goods are delivered anywhere
  • Merges the in-person and online shopping experience

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Utilities & Taxes


Organization uploads bills to Xpress-pay (EBPP)
Consumer searches for their bill, then...
Selects and pays it instantly

Service Industries

Payments, On-site & Online

Pre-fill and email a bill in seconds
Encourages prompt payment
Branded payment experience
You earn cash commissions

Insurance & Premium Finance

Down Payments

Bind Policies Faster
Pay instantly with a click
Payment form completed by insured


Organization uploads bills to Xpress-pay (EBPP)
Consumer searches for their bill
Selects it and pays instantly

3rd Party Integrations

Connect with any cloud-based customer portal, and post payments in real-time to create the best customer experience

Memberships & Subscriptions

Payments & Renewals

Scan, click, or touch to renew
Member information is pre-filled
Uses drop-down for renewal terms
Automatic pricing

xFrame Integrations

Get embed with Xpress-pay

Accept ePayments right on your website
Personal, private, and secure
Make accepting ePayments simple

Property Management

Application Fees & Deposits

Get commitments faster
Web, in-person, and mobile payments
Payment form completed by tenant


Organization uploads bills to Xpress-pay (EBPP)
Tenant searches for their bill, then...
Selects and pays it instantly

B2B Bill Payments


Clients touch, click, or scan a link to pay
Reduces paperwork and staff time for billing
Accelerates cash flow

Towing Fees & Tips

Online & Mobile Payments

Call for a tow, receive a bill by email or text
Gratuities accepted (any %)
Truck dispatched after payment

Tickets & Passes

Instant Access

Scan a QR or tap a link to begin
Various ticket options provided
Redirects to live ticket after payment

Energy Bill

Online & Mobile Payments

Form pre-filled for convenience
Click, touch, or scan to pay
Site Fee reduces costs
Simple, secure transactions

Secure Payment Portal

3rd Party Integrations

Payment amount determined by merchant's site
Secure payment processed by Xpress-pay
Real-time payment details sent to merchant
Merchant never encounters sensitive info

Sell Goods Online

Sell Your Items 24/7

Sell items, tickets, permits & passes, and more

List items you'd like to sell online

Visitor specifies how many they'd like to purchase

Multiple items may be purchased at once

Donations: Benevolent Organizations

Help those helping others

Donor selects any program available
This boosts participation rates
1%-3% donor add-on option for costs
Donations made in any amount

Donations: Political Campaigns

Connect with your base anywhere

Donors can interact and donate to your campaign from almost anywhere.
Boost participation rates, and off-set your credit card costs.

Donations: Religious & Worship

Connect with your congregation

Parishioners may donate anytime
Online donations boost participation
1%-3% donor add-on option for costs
Donations made in any amount

Telephone Payments

Automated Transactions By Phone

Modify the script your customers hear when paying
Customer follows directions to pay by check/card
You can then review payments in your account

Enter any account # from: 12300 - 12399

Point-of-Sale Integrations

Unleashing Commerce

Can integrate with any POS
Configurable default gratuity
Strangers never see your card
Confirmation onscreen & by email
Now accepting POS partners

Detailed Reporting

Easy Access to Your Data

Payments appear immediately
Multiple reports at your fingertips
Login from anywhere for secure access

Reseller Program

Tech to grow your portfolio

Powerful tools to grow your business
Competitive rev-share rates
Custom branded solutions 
Unparalleled opportunities to grow your business

Reseller Cobranding

Your Logo, Everywhere

Promotes our partners
Referrals are directed to the reseller
Call and email buttons on every receipt
Every sale = 1,000's of impressions

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