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Every week we'll be releasing amazing content that's specifically designed to help you grow your business. How do we know this will be powerful content? It's based on all the tools and tactics we're currently using to grow our business for another 40 years.

As a Customer Success Program member, we'll give you early access to everything we launch so you can use it to get a leg up on your competition, starting today with the 4 Email Secrets brochure you get when you join.

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This is probably the best part of joining! Want to know how others are using and benefiting from their account? Our members-only Facebook group will give you direct access to others in the Program. Find out firsthand how they're changing their lives with their account, and how you can too.

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Megan McGrath

THANK YOU for your hard work!

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the hard work you and your team have put into this project. We know we're a complicated bunch and we truly appreciate everything you've done to help us get this launched.

Megan McGrath

Tony Perez

...expanded our payment options

I wanted to share with you some brief congratulatory remarks on your services. Xpress-pay has, at both the front and back office levels, exponentially expanded our client payment options, and I urge you to continue the great work.

Tony Perez

Sam Ehrenreich option they value

We pride ourselves on providing innovative service, and Xpress-pay gives our customers an option they value. Xpress-pay provides our patrons with an immediate payment experience with just one trip to the table, and chargebacks are not an issue.

Sam Ehrenreich

Hi, I'm Julie Buttino!

My goal is to help you find the most success during your time with us. I'm so excited to have you onboard, and all it takes is entering your email address below.

We're going to be giving you the inside-track to scaling your business. How do we know all this? Because we've done it all before over the last 40 years.

Come hear the stories we and other members share about their failures and successes. Have some of your own? We'd love to hear from you!

I look forward to building a more personal relationship with you, so please be sure to join now so you can start getting in on all the action today!

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How-To: 'Up' Your Email Game Overnight!

4 Secrets to More Effective Email Campaigns
Secret #1

Create Amazing Subject Lines

Subject lines only have one purpose. Find out what that is, and what it takes to write more compelling ones from now on.

Secret #3

What's A Call-To-Action?

Your emails should always have a specific action the audience should take, but what's the best way to convey that? Find out.

Secret #2

Your Text Needs To...

We're going to show you the one thing your email copy needs to create to increase how many customers engage with it.

Secret #4

When "Looks" Really Do Count...

The way your emails look can mean the difference between success and failure. Find out how to make your emails succeed.

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4 Secrets to More Effective Email Campaigns

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