Pay or donate to any participating organization using one account across all your devices, and so much more.Get-started-button-(green)

What is Xpress-pay?

Xpress-pay is a truly universal ePayment solution that allows you to create and access one account on virtually any device to pay any participating merchant. Whether on your Apple, Android, or Windows device you now have the power to Xpress-pay it, anytime. 

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Find a Participating Business

Need to pay a bill? Find a participating merchant to make your first payment as a "Guest." Don't see a business you want to pay? Email us to get them enrolled.

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Pay, Create an Account

While paying, you can also select the option to "Create an Account." Provide a password and you're wallet is created. It's that simple!

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Access it Anytime

You can now log in to use your new wallet to pay other participating merchants, add new payment methods, and more.

A Better Way To Pay

Xpress-pay gives you a faster, easier payment experience every time. If you're a first time user, simply enter your payment information to complete your transaction, and at the end you can create your account by simply adding a password. Next time, log in to your account to pay with a save card or account, or add a new one to expand your payment options. 

Stay In Touch

Hear all the latest and greatest news, updates, and more from Xpress-pay.