Add any of the features below to your account to create the perfect ePayment solution for your business.

Custom Branding Sample

Elevate Your Brand

You’ve worked hard to develop your brand, so let's show it off. Opt for custom branding to put your logo front and center while your customers are paying. Deliver a branded ePayment experience that elevates your company's status. Click both to see the difference...

Get Paid to Xpress-pay

Get Paid To Play

We offer two ways to reduce or eliminate the costs for accepting ePayments, it's like you'll be getting paid to play twice - once by your customer, and again with the rewards earned with every payment you accept. Which program is right for you?

Insurance & Government

All service sectors

Improve Payment Accuracy

Help ensure your customers pay the correct amount every time by presenting details during their transaction. Simply upload a spreadsheet of your bills, email customers a payment link, then log in to view real-time reports with your new electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution.

Worldpay-Xpress-pay Partner

Faster, Easier, Instant Payments

Give your customers the fastest, easiest way to pay you instantly from anywhere. Simply add a payment button to your website, or a QR code anywhere, and your customers do the rest. It's that simple!​ Try it now, or follow the presentation below for more details.

Recurring payment with Xpress-pay

Auto-payments Assistant

Take the work out of transacting with your customers by offering an auto-payment option. Whether you or your customers control the payment schedules, it's like having your very own payment assistant without the overhead.

One Account, All Devices

One Account, Every Device

What makes Xpress-pay so uniquely beneficial is, as a web-based app it allows you to access and maintain one account from virtually any device. Enjoy the same tools, functionality, and overall experience for any Apple, Android, or Windows device.

In-app purchase with Xpress-pay

Simplify In-app Purchases

What's the secret to monetizing your app? "Frictionless" payments. Set your app apart by offering a simple, responsive ePayment option to reduce cart abandonment and encourage repeat business.

Run reports anywhere

Enhance Your Customer Portal

If you already have a way for your customers to view their bill online, enhance their experience with a secure payment option by integrating it with Xpress-pay. We'll work with virtually any 3rd party software provider to make this a vital part of your daily operations.

Xpress-pay Restaurant Check

Pay-at-the-Table, Counter...

Turn your customers' mobile devices into a Point of Sale. We'll work with your POS provider to connect the dots, and help expand your ability to do business virtually anywhere in the world. 

Run reports anywhere

Detailed Reporting

Finally, once the transactions start rolling in, you can log into your account from anywhere to run real-time, detailed payment reports. Get a better understanding of how people are paying, when, and any other details.

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Enrolling in Xpress-pay

Enroll Online

Simply head to our order page to purchase the package that's right for you, then complete your secure enrollment online.

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Activate Your Account

Afterwards, our team of highly trained support specialists will contact you to activate and properly set up your account.

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Tell The World

Finally, get the word out to your customers with an email blast, adding a notification on your bills, or any other way you connect.

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