Product Features & Demos


Follow the links below to see online demonstrations of all the main features and benefits we offer in action. There's no need for a credit card either, whenever asked for one just click "Continue."

Online Payment Demos

Bill Presentment

When you need to ensure your customers pay the correct amount each time, our bill presentment feature is the solution. You can upload your invoices directly into Xpress-pay, so your customers can find and pay their specific bill. It’s fast and accurate!

Click here for instructions on uploading a spreadsheet.

Instant Payments

Looking to give your customers an easier way to pay? Try our Instant payment feature. Your customers only need to enter a few details, like their name, account number, and the amount they wish to pay, then checkout. It’s that simple!

Custom Site Branding

You’ve worked hard to develop your brand, and we’re here to help you show it off. Xpress-pay can include your images and colors, delivering a highly customized ePayment solution for a fraction of the cost of developing your own payment site.

Secure Payment Portal

If you already have a customer portal, we make it easy to add an ePayment component. Your customer determines the payment amount at your site, then simply clicks to pay at our site with your professional branding. This way, you receive all the benefits of a world-class, PCI DSS Level One secure payment option, but without the high programming and security costs.

Download our API documentation to get started.

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eWallet Demos

Mobile Email billing from Xpress-pay

Payment Links

Accept payments and donations by adding a "Pay Now" button to your website, emails (shown in picture), and social media pages. Give your customers the convenience of mobile payments today!

QR Codes

Quick Response, or “QR,” codes are one of the fastest ways to connect your business with customers. Now, our eWallet allows you to leverage this incredible technology to capture payments as well.

3rd Party Apps

You might work with other vendors to grow your mobile ecosystem. That‘s why we developed Xpress-pay Mobile with the flexibility to integrate into virtually any other 3rd party app. We’ll help you deliver a consistent user experience for any type of transaction.

POS Integrations

Point of sale systems play a vital role in capturing retail payments. Xpress-pay has revolutionized this process, allowing a consumer’s smartphone to securely interact with the POS to complete a payment. It‘s faster and more secure. Go ahead, leave your wallet at home.

Additional Demos

Recurring Payments

By automatically drafting your customers’ accounts when their bill is due, there’s no need to wonder when or even if you’ll be paid. Let Xpress-pay help ease your concerns and streamline your accounts receivables.


Telephone Payments

We also offer a versatile touchtone phone payment solution, which includes custom and bilingual scripts. Never miss a payment again. Try it now!

Dial (855) 817-3729

To complete a demo, when asked, use any account number between 12300 and 12399. You can also use the demo VISA card number, which is a ‘4’ followed by fifteen ones, any three-digit CVV, and any valid expiration date to complete your sample payment. 

Sample Report

Reconciling ePayments is vital in maintaining a successful campaign. Xpress-pay provides all the tools and support needed to keep your account running smoothly, including easy-to-understand, detailed payment reports.


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