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Xpress-pay Launches A New “Silver Plan” That Allows Merchants To Accept Electronic Payments For Free Through Their SaaS Platform

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The new plan gives qualifying businesses the ability to accept credit card payments through their online and mobile wallet without incurring the normal set up, transaction, monthly, or early termination fees of traditional merchant accounts.

April 8, 2021, Systems East, Inc., owner/operator of Xpress-pay, announced a new option that allows businesses in service-based industries to begin accepting online and mobile credit card payments for free on their platform. The “Silver Plan” is specifically designed to assist small businesses that are still dealing with the setbacks experienced from the ongoing pandemic. It also aims to assist businesses in leveraging the rapidly expanding digital economy and digital payments landscape.

Though chargebacks may still occur, Xpress-pay clients have generally noted far fewer. About this, Mr. Buttino added, “The chargeback fee remains because it is not something we control. Thankfully though, our clients have reported much lower chargeback rates, mainly because their customers transact on their own device, are paying for critical services such as utilities, rent, or insurance, and always see the business’ name on their card statement.”

The Silver Plan will initially be promoted to organizations such as churches, non-profits, insurance agencies, plumbers, towing operators, property management companies, utilities, government offices, and other public and home service sectors. It is expected that the plan will reach other businesses feeling the pressures being placed on them by the new dynamic in which consumers want more control over their financial interactions.

This plan is modeled from Xpress-pay’s popular SubscripXion Plan, which allowed participating businesses to pay a low, flat monthly fee to process their electronic transactions. Originally, that solution assisted local government offices in accepting online payments for items like taxes, utility bills, parking tickets, and more.

Over time, the SubscripXion Plan began offering credit card acceptance capabilities to thousands of other businesses in emerging markets. Traditionally, the credit card transaction costs were prohibitively expensive for organizations like insurance agents, brokers, and other small businesses that run on thinner margins. This plan removed that barrier to entry and has since assisted participating businesses in realizing over $51M in additional revenue. Now, Xpress-pay handles over $2B per year in processing on behalf of clients across sixty verticals in the United States, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Future goals for the Silver Plan will be to assist Retail and eCommerce stores with their processing costs. This includes a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) feature, though no date has been established for availability of this feature.

To give organizations direct access to this new Silver Plan offer, Xpress-pay added a brief questionnaire on their website to help determine if a business qualifies. Since there are multiple entry levels, businesses answer a few questions about their organization to see which level is right for them.

“Over the last year, we’re proud to have helped our clients keep their doors open, even when they can’t be in front of their customers. We want to extend this opportunity to as many other businesses as possible, allowing them to benefit from our sixteen years of electronic payment experience. That’s why we’ve decided to either waive or even absorb some of the costs involved for any new clients who join us this year”, added Mr. Buttino.

About Systems East, Inc. and Xpress-pay

Since 1981, Systems East, Inc., owner/operator of Xpress-pay, has been providing solutions to help organizations simplify operations and scale faster. Since releasing Xpress-pay in 2005, we’ve championed a unique approach which enables our clients to accept online and mobile payments, while legally and ethically eliminating transaction fees. Over the years, this has helped thousands of organizations process billions of dollars, put millions of dollars back into their pockets, and expand margins by as much as 30% overnight.

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