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Payment Methods: What Do Businesses Want from an ePayments Provider? (Blog)

Payment Methods:  What Do Businesses Want from an ePayment Solution?

In today’s fast-paced world, business owners know they need to offer an electronic payment option to their customers. In our last article, we explored what options consumers have come to expect, but what do business owners need from the solution they offer?

Regardless of size, type, or market, businesses need three fundamental components in their offering:

  1. Simple: Businesses and consumers agree that they want the payment process to be simple. If the system isn’t intuitive and user-friendly, the consumer is going to abandon the process and, more than likely, the business is going to miss out on the payment or immediate sale and potentially, future sales.
  2. Flexible: Savvy owners will always consider how a solution benefits their business today and how will it work as the business expands. Today’s needs are well-established but the requirements for months or years to come must also be considered. Provider experience and product flexibility deliver options like accepting both credit cards and electronic checks, web and mobile acceptance, and an automatic payment option.
  3. Convenient: Arguably the biggest benefit that the Internet has provided is 24×7 access. The Internet doesn’t take time off for vacations, weekends, or evenings, so it is always available to work for your business. Some of today’s ePayment offerings even provide uniform operation across device platforms, a significant feature. This allows today’s engaged consumer to pay or donate from anywhere, while enjoying their morning coffee, or waiting for their kids after school.

Selecting the right online ePayment option for your business from the myriad of available solutions can be daunting and time-consuming.  As a decision-maker, take the time to review and compare systems based on their ability to provide a simple, flexible, and convenient solution. Properly informed, your selection will be well-positioned to accommodate the demands of customers in this 24×7 technology-driven world.

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