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ePayment Secrets Episode 2: How We Got Into Online Payments

The Birth of an Electronic Payment Solution Powerhouse

Post 2, Version 1: Sept 14, 2020

It’s been a while since we last wrote a post. It’s not because we haven’t wanted to, but because we’ve been busy developing and launching a new offer that I want to share with you at the end of this post. It’s really amazing! 

Before that though, let’s take a quick little trip down memory lane, so you know why you might want to listen to us on the subject of accepting online payments, or electronic payments in general.

In 2004, after being in business for 23 years, we found ourselves at a serious crossroads when a large software project had gone slightly off track. Faced with our first-ever financial backslide, we had to make a change fast.

One night while out with friends I was discussing what had happened, and asked what they thought I should do next. I realized then that I needed to take the company in a different direction. A way for our clients to receive payments faster online, and with lower costs.

Keep in mind, this was 2004 and there was no Amazon, and eBay was still becoming a thing.

With our enthusiasm running high, my team and I got to work with our new mission at hand. Almost one year to the day later, we released one of the first commercially viable electronic payment solutions ever, called…

Now, 16 years later we’re proud to say it’s become one of the top ePayment solution in the world. We’ve helped our clients process billions of dollars and have put tens-of-millions of dollars back into their pockets.

Pretty amazing, right?

I don’t say this to brag, but because I’m excited to share with you the industry’s secrets we’ve learned along the way, and how you can use them to grow your business faster! Those secrets and more will be revealed in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Getting back to the offer I mentioned earlier, Pick up a FREE copy of our book: ePayment Secrets now! In it, you’ll discover how the payments industry really works, and the exact tools and techniques you can implement to move your business forward.

Also, stay tuned for our next episode. We promise, it won’t take another 6 months.

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