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Xpress-pay across devices

Here's The deal...

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The hard truth is, the world is changing rapidly, and we have to prepare for the future, today.   

This means being able to connect and transact with your customers without ever seeing them, possibly for the foreseeable future.

Well, we're pleased to let you know that relief is here, and it comes in the form of our exclusive Xpress-pay SubscripXion Plan. Join Fee-reX in changing the way we do business, and helping yours grow in these unsettling times. 

Our system allows you to receive 100% of your money, even when accepting an online or mobile payment from a (safe) distance, or from anywhere. Pretty great, right?!

Find out more below, or contact us to have a frank discussion about how we can help you secure your business moving forward. We've also created a special limited-time offer for you as a member of the BIG Independent Group! Check it out below...

Enjoy All This & More...

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Xpress-pay is so flexible that you can combine numerous tools to make getting paid faster and easier than ever. You can also accept online payments on any device to do more business with your customers anywhere. Get paid faster, while better serving your customers starting today. 

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Billing just got a whole lot easier, too. With just an email address, you can instantly send a click-to-pay invoice to customers in seconds! Need to send more than one? Simply upload a spreadsheet with the customers' information, hit send, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Our xFrame feature lets you embed Xpress-pay anywhere into your website to accept secure ePayments. Enjoy all the security we offer, without ever redirecting customers away from your website. Don't wait, enroll now to keep 100% of your money!

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Let your customers pay their bill with confidence. In just minutes, you can upload all your bills, then email customers a copy so they may view and pay it quickly. Help reduce your accounts receivables, and increase cash flow all in one.



Finally, we also give you the capability to integrate this system seamlessly into most 3rd party accounting management solutions. Enroll today to help your office run more efficiently, and grow your bottom line faster. 

What Others Are Asking...

How is this possible?

When you enroll in our exclusive SubscripXion Plan, we become your payment provider. This means, we can also add a separate, nominal security and delivery fee (2.85%+$0.40 for cards, $2.95 for eChecks) for our services, and cover your transaction costs. That's it!

When do I get my money?

Within two business days, 100% of the amount billed will be deposited directly into the bank account of your choosing. Have multiple accounts? We can support that too, for an additional $15/month/account.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional costs you may incur are based on certain actions, such as chargebacks, overdrafts, and other uncommon items associated with merchant accounts.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, and there's no obligation to stay in the plan. If, for any reason you're not totally satisfied, you may cancel at any time.

Can I use my Own merchant account?

No. To ensure we provide you with the best possible experience, we require you work with our preferred merchant account vendors.

Who else is using this service?

Enroll to join the thousands of other organizations already realizing what adding Xpress-pay their business has meant for them. We've tens of millions back into their bottom lines. How much will you get back?

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Everything You Need Moving Forward...

Your Customers Pay...

2.85% + $0.40 per transaction

$2.95 per transaction

Customers Love Xpress-pay

                I am very pleased with Xpress-pay. We have been accepting credit card payments online for over [a decade] now, with virtually no concerns. It is not only user-friendly for our customers but our staff as well. I would recommend this software to anyone considering accepting electronic payments as an alternative payment option."

Joyce Jezewski

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