Consumers - If you need to pay a bill from a company that works with us, simply follow the link below to make a payment now.

Businesses - Start transacting with your customers from virtually anywhere starting at only $10/month (no, seriously).

What is Xpress-pay?

A customizable ePayment web application that empowers participating businesses and consumers to transact anywhere. How does that help you?

Businesses - Enjoy the freedom to customize the payment experience by branding our site with your graphics. Also, control how much you pay in transaction fees, and other aspects that put you in the driver's seat. 

Consumers - Set up your secure digital wallet account today and you can access it from any device. There's no app to download or maintain, making this the easiest payment option available.

Industry Partners - Xpress-pay is your key to deepening relationships in existing markets, and breaking into new and emerging ones. Contact us today to deliver this powerful, proven solution to your merchants.

Accepted payment methods:

Accept Visa MasterCard Discover American Express & eChecks at Xpress-pay

For Your Business

Xpress-pay provides the simplest, most convenient way to get paid no matter where you or your customers are. With the unparalleled flexibility to set up and customize how your customers pay, you now have the tools necessary to be more successful accepting ePayments. Start customizing your account now to get started...

Eliminate the Fees

Tired of seeing transaction fees take a large chunk of your bottom line? Xpress-pay offers you two proven ways to reduce, or even eliminate, the high fees associated with accepting credit cards. Insurance and government organizations will benefit from our Site Fee Program, while everyone else will enjoy our Merchant Rewards Program. Learn more now!

Get Started In 1, 2, 3...

Enrolling in Xpress-pay

Enroll Online

Simply head to our order page and select the package that's right for your business. Then, complete the secure online enrollment to open your account in 10 minutes or less.

Xpress-pay representatives standing by

Activate Your Account

Once you're approved, our team of highly trained support specialists will contact you to activate and properly configure your account.

Xpress-pay customer service rep

Tell The World

Finally, let your customers know about your new payment option by sending an email blast, adding a notification on your bills, and putting an Xpress-pay button on your site.


We're rolling out our new digital wallet payment option to make paying easier than ever. This new look and feel will be accessible from any device, allow you to pay any participating merchant, and keep your sensitive information secure. We're confident you'll enjoy this simplified version of the solution you've come to trust all these years.

To Get Started

Xpress-pay Restaurant Check

Find A Participating Business

Need to pay a bill? Find a participating merchant to make your first payment as a "Guest." Don't see a business? Email us.

Custom Branding Sample

Pay, & Create Account

While paying, you can also select the option to "Create an Account." Provide a password and you're wallet is created. It's that simple!

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Access It Anytime

You can now log in to use your new wallet to pay other participating merchants, add new payment methods, and more.

Industry Partners

Want to expand your merchant portfolio? Deliver them something truly original. We'll show you how to gain more clients and retain their business longer. Capture under-served emerging markets like insurance, utilities, and property management. Learn more about why this omni-channel payment solution is vital to your sustained growth.

Stay In Touch

Keep up to date with all the latest and greatest news, updates, and more from Xpress-pay.