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Xpress-pay for Businesses

Since 2005, Xpress-pay has provided the simplest, most convenient, and affordable way to accept online credit card payments from anywhere. With unparalleled flexibility to customize how your customers pay you, and the ability to put more money back in your pocket, you now have a powerful tool to grow and scale your business.

Xpress-pay for Consumers

Our secure digital wallet payment option makes paying bills and donating to your favorite causes easier than ever. This service is accessible from any device, allows you to transact with any participating merchant, and keeps your sensitive information in a secure "vault", hidden from those you're paying.

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What's in it for you?


Enjoy the freedom to control the payment experience, pay one low monthly fee for unlimited payments, promote your brand, and so much more!


Set up your secure digital wallet today to access it and pay using any card or bank account. There's no app to download, and we never share your sensitive data!


Give your clients something truly unique to earn and keep their business longer. Discover how this omni-channel payment solution will help you grow.

Enjoy top-notch security

Being "On the list" of Visa's Global Registry means we continually secure our site at the highest level possible in the payments industry (PCI Level One). Connect with us today to begin processing with confidence and to secure both your payments, and future. A proud list member since 2012. 

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Because we literally wrote the book on how you can use electronic payments to grow your business.  

Dive into this witty and entertaining look at how making one small change to the way you get paid can help grow your profit margins by up to 30%! 

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